World News – CA – « No Conspiracy Theory »: Alberta Prime Minister Kenney Urgent Warns of Imminent Great Reset (VIDEO)


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In a four-minute explanatory video on his social media channels, Kenney says that the Great Reset is “not a conspiracy theory, but a concrete series of concrete proposals”, based on a book of the same name by Klaus Schwab.

Schwab is the President and Founder of the World Economic Forum, also known as Davos, or as Kenney describes it, “the largest gathering of global hypocrites in history. ”

The Prime Minister claims that Schwab sent a copy to every head of government around the world setting out his thesis that governments and societies should take advantage of the public health and economic crisis sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic, to redefine the world and radically change guidelines.

Kenney is clearly not a fan of globalist leadership and insults the Davos elite, who assume they are teaching working men and women how to reduce their carbon footprint, with “hypocrisy that is so strong that you can can’t even cut it with a knife. ”

Throughout the video, Kenney opposes the proposed measures that he believes would lead to massive poverty, particularly the energy policies of some very influential people, including Canada’s own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As Prime Minister of Canada’s oil sands heartland, Kenney would of course lean towards more conservative policies to save jobs in his beleaguered province, which has been hit by the oil price crash in recent years.

However, he continues to insist that world leaders and leaders « should not or should not exploit a crisis to advance a political agenda, » with a final, if appropriately Canadian, « heck no! »

« If we are actually all together, as we keep saying, how about focusing on the crisis, protecting lives and livelihoods, helping people, » Kenney grumbles, claiming the alternative proposed by supporters of the Great Reset amounts to “a whole series of failed socialist policies. ”

 » back to work.

In the meantime, Trudeau has his « historic » stimulus plan worth 100 billion. CA $ presented despite a projected budget deficit of at least CA $ 381. 6 billion this fiscal year to help stabilize Canada’s post-pandemic economy.

The package accounts for three to four percent of GDP and would only underscore what conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, whom Kenney quoted in his video, called Trudeau’s alleged « insatiable appetite for other people’s money ». « 

Prime Minister of Alberta, Jason Kenney, World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Pierre Poilievre

World News – CA – “No Conspiracy Theory”: Alberta Prime Minister Kenney warns of impending events’ Great Reset ‘(VIDEO)


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