World News – CA – Osasuna 1-3 Atletico Madrid: Joao Felix prepares again as undefeated Atleti


Posted: 19:23 GMT, October 31, 2020 | Update: 19:32 GMT, October 31, 2020

Portuguese prodigy Joao Felix scored in both halves as Atletico Madrid continued their unbeaten start to the season with a 2-0 win at Osasuna in La Liga on Saturday

The 20-year-old continued where he left off from his side’s Champions League victory during the week by accurately converting a 43rd-minute penalty to maintain his perfect spot record

He then burst in and produced a categorical finish just inside the penalty area in the 69th minute as Atletico won for the fourth time in their first six league games to take the third early painting place

Joao Felix scored the first goal on the spot as Atletico Madrid won 2-1 at Osasuna on Saturday

The forward scored a brace again as Atleti went undefeated in their opening six league games

Ante Budimir pushed back a goal to worry Atleti with ten minutes left, but Lucas Torreira’s third in the 89th minute for the visitors sealed the victory

The two-goal Atletico striker was also the winner of the game against Red Bull Salzburg on Tuesday, scoring twice in the second half to restore his side’s lead in a 3-2 victory after being 2-1

Ante Budimir gave Osasuna hope as hosts cut backlogs in half with 80 minutes on the clock

Lucas Torreira (second from left) then sealed Atleti’s triumph with the third in the 89th minute

Diego Simeone’s men are now third in the league, tied with 14 points with Real Sociedad and two behind Real Madrid, with one match underway against both teams

They can put themselves in a strong position to qualify in Group A when they travel to Lokomotiv Moscow in the Champions League on Tuesday

Diego Simeone saw his team survive a scare after Ante Budimir struck late for hosts Osasuna

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World news – CA – Osasuna 1-3 Atletico Madrid: Joao Felix prepares for new as undefeated Atleti



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