World News – CA – P-Nuff Crunch Shark Tank Update: Where are they now?


‘ Shark Tank ‘, a long-running, critically-acclaimed, multi-Emmy Award-winning unscripted reality TV series, has a simple concept: to successfully pitch your company and business model in front of a panel of industry investors, Sharks, and walk away with a deal of a lifetime Of course the interactions between Sharks and businessmen and the ensuing negotiation are part of the game, because let’s be honest, they finance not only the company, but also the person As seen in Season 12, in the hopes of being a hit here and making it in the business world, this is P-Nuff Crunch Curious to know more about them? We have what you need

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P-Nuff Crunch creator Juan Salinas is well aware that snacks of all kinds are hugely popular among all ages in America After all, he’s had a better part of his adult life, almost 20 years old. , in the industry as a developer for reputable companies such as Nestlé, Kraft Nabisco and Cadbury But being a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, who takes part in marathons, triathlons, and bike tours, and believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Juan deeply felt the huge disconnect between what is happening. ‘he produced for the general public and what he consumed his own nutrition And so, it didn’t take long for him to mix his profession and his passion into one

After graduating from the International Olympic Committee in Sports and Exercise Nutrition in 2015, Juan founded his own company, Perfect Life Nutrition, LLC, with the goal of creating a snack healthy He didn’t want his product to have any preservatives or added chemicals Instead, he wanted it to come from natural sources, providing enough fiber and protein to be nutritious and tasty And so, after trying over 100 recipes, Juan came up with P-Nuff Crunch, a low-carb, eco-friendly puff with a ‘satisfying crunch and addictive taste’, mostly peanut-based, white beans and rice

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In 2018, while earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Rutgers in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Juan entered the college’s business plan competition with P-Nuff Crunch and won After that, he knew he was on the right track and left to compete with the big guns Recently Juan admitted that he wished he had realized in advance the amount of work involved in starting a business food and that it would have been nice if he had a partner to share the workload But he also revealed that while his diligence has yet to pay off in a massive way, he is happy with his life, work and career. He would much rather follow his dreams than be behind a desk

P-Nuff Crunch products, being vegan, gluten-free, low in sugar and salt, and containing no genetically modified ingredients, are currently offered in original flavors of cocoa and cinnamon You can buy them all on the site Company website, at Shoprite stores in the greater New York area, at Walmart, and at Amazon The fact that P-Nuff Crunch is made from peanuts instead of corn also means that while it looks and feels like tastes like junk food, it’s actually really good for your well-being Even the reviews posted on the company’s website express the same opinions, with one consumer even writing that he doesn’t feel guilty about giving his kids P-Nuff either, making it a perfect family snack.

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World News – CA – P-Nuff Crunch Shark Tank Update: Where are they now?



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