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Pennsylvania Lt. . Gov. . John Fetterman said the post-election chaos was orchestrated by the Republican Party, but rejected the idea that anything would stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

The Republican Party « issued a Grubhub order for chaos and that’s what they got, » Fetterman said in an interview with Yahoo News on Monday.

He accused the Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature of refusing to allow election officials to pre-advertise postal ballot papers at any time before election day, which would have meant opening the outer envelope, looking for signatures, and the Preparing ballots could be counting. That would have eliminated the three days of counting after November. 3 elections that took place in Pennsylvania and also in Michigan.

« All of this would have been avoided, » said Fetterman. But he rejected the idea that there could ever be a chance that lawmakers could attempt to elect electoral college representatives who would re-elect President Trump, which turns the results of the Pennsylvania referendum on its head. Biden defeated Trump in Keystone State by more than 80. 000 votes, compared to Trump’s 2016 win over Democrat Hillary Clinton with around 44. 000 votes.

Fetterman, elected mayor of the suburbs of Pittsburgh after 13 years in 2018, has always been a unique political figure. He is 6-foot-8, bald and goat-shaped, and heavily tattooed. He even made a name for himself as Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania. , but has become a staple of cable television this fall as it put down Trump’s disinformation about the election.

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Pennsylvania was due to confirm its election results Monday, but some counties in the state had lagged behind in their process and there was a chance their delay might delay the process by a few days. Certification only means that the state’s referendum has received a legal and procedural seal of approval and is an important step towards the nomination of the members of the electoral college.

In Michigan, where Biden with over 150. Won 000 votes, the results should be confirmed on Monday.

Fetterman said the Pennsylvania GOP, which controls lawmakers, was never serious about promoting prior to acquisitions. They proposed a bill in the House of State that would have provided for three weeks before the acquisition, but then shrunk it to three days and contained a number of provisions that were poison pills for the Democrats, such as the elimination of dropboxes and limited websites for early voting.

A variety of electoral practitioners from all political backgrounds reiterated Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar’s request that election officials pre-polling ballot papers before election day, but Republicans « would never allow it, » Fetterman said.

“You knew it would never happen. Ever. You just knew it. And it’s like, OK, that’s what you wanted. So here’s what you’re going to get, « he said. « It worked as far as you know, your plans for where you wanted to create this delay, but it doesn’t change the outcome at all. ”

But Fetterman has the plausibility of an article published by Atlantic Magazine in late September quoting Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman as saying the state’s Republican-controlled legislature was considering the election results Use to reverse, blown up the pretext of fabricated claims of fraud and fraud.

« That was ridiculous. It couldn’t work. It was never a thing, ”he said. “These daily Twitter freak outs are not helpful. … Everyone is addicted to this onslaught like, « Oh my god, what if they do this? »

In fact, according to Fetterman, the legislature will no longer be able to take legislative action after November. 30 when current terms expire unless it confirms the Nov.. . 3.

Fetterman put in a good word for Corman, who in the days after the publication of the Atlantic article distanced himself from the idea of ​​a legislative reversal of the elections. « Jake Corman, he and I disagree on political issues, but Jake Corman is not a bad guy, » said Fetterman. “There is a very real thing that he has to face … this extremist side of the party, and one has to slowly roll the path to the inevitable conclusion. I don’t hold that against anyone because it’s real: the backlash. ”

And Fetterman said he didn’t think Republicans were actually trying to overthrow or steal the elections. He believes they knew Trump was going to lose, “and the mess was just their insurance policy to get an outcome they knew or very strongly suspected. ”

The biggest problem for the future is that Trump has « opened up an electoral reality based on the truth, in which it does not matter what the truth is. ”

« When the President argues that in the absence of any evidence, there has been mass voter fraud, I mean literally zero. What can keep someone from saying so and so is so and so? ”He said.

« We and the media have to turn our backs on that, » he said. « It’s not a protected language. This is not news. That screams fire in a crowded theater when there isn’t one. And that’s destructive. That is deliberately harmful. ”

The Trump campaign and its legal allies have filed over 30 lawsuits and only two succeeded, which affected a small number of ballots.

« Realistically, the 2020 election litigation is over, » wrote Andrew McCarthy in National Review, the well-known Conservative publication, last week.

That was the day before attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell held a bizarre press conference on the Republican National Committee where they reprocessed complaints from legal proceedings that had already been dismissed as flimsy and raised unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about voting machines.

“You argue with allusions and bizarre conspiracy theories. And that’s why they keep getting torn down, because it’s not even a trial, ”said Fetterman. « It’s really just a bad comedy sketch when you look at it closely. ”

There will be a father-son dynamic on an NHL bench this season. Probably not expecting preferred Peewee-style treatment.

The NBA’s work on social justice has resulted in a meeting between Pope Francis and a delegation of NBA players.

The development of two potential COVID-19 vaccines could be of great help in the fight against the coronavirus, but they may not be a game changer when it comes to getting NHL fans back to the arena in the near future. DR. Susy Hota, medical director of infection prevention and control and an infectious disease specialist at the University Health Network in Toronto, said that even if a vaccine is available by the beginning of the new year, it will take several months for a sufficient portion of the population to be vaccinated. « So that there is some kind of herd immunity effect through vaccination . . . You still need 85 percent coverage of the population for it to be really helpful, « said Hota, who is also an associate professor at the University of Toronto’s medical school. « I think we need to mentally prepare for at least a year to roll out the vaccine and feel like you’re covered to a point where it’s more protective at the population level. « Pharmaceutical companies Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca have stated that their vaccine candidates are at least 90 percent effective at preventing COVID-19 infection. Until an adequate level of protection is achieved, Hota believes that gatherings such as crowds attending sporting events should be restricted. « I think the goal would be to keep the two meters between people in the stadium as short as possible, » she said. « So that limits the overall capacity quite a bit. « WATCH | NHL Analyst Dave Poulin on NHL’s Next Steps: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the league hopes to bring Jan back. 1 and would like to play a full season with 82 games with fans in arenas. The leaders of the league have also stated that they need to be flexible in their planning and that the format for the start of the season could change over time. According to Statista. com, an NHL team is going to lose almost $ 1. $ 5 million in ticket sales and food and drink income for every home game in front of empty seats. One way to get back to the NHL is to divide the league into four regional divisions, including one with the seven Canadian teams. The division teams could travel to a turntable for a series of games and then return home. In another scenario, a team like Vancouver could fly east and play two or three games over a week in Montreal. Financial challenges looming David Legg, professor of sports management at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said a vaccine that allows some fans to enter buildings will not cure the NHL’s financial troubles. Like other companies trying to stay afloat during the pandemic, NHL teams that host games need to be creative with ticket prices and catering services. « Every company thinks that way, » said Legg. « They are trying to think about how they can somehow retain the brand, even if they may have some financial success this year. « From a long game perspective, you want to make sure the fans are enjoying themselves. They may cost less food and drink than normal because they know they will have financial success in the short term, but in the long run they will generate fan loyalty. « Even with a vaccine, it’s ‘total crap’ how many fans want to play games, » Legg said. « That’s the big unknown, » he said. « I would guess that the majority of people will likely wait and just see how it goes. And when it seems safe to them, they will line up. Barriers to entry Hota said the restrictions on fans in buildings could extend into next fall. « That could be the earliest time we could hit any point on the overall vaccination rate . . . that would be comforting, « she said. « I think the safest way to do this is to slowly change things. « Travel Restrictions Between Canada and the United States. S.. . could last until 2022, she said. Even traveling within Canada could be difficult. « Travel means traveling to jurisdictions where you may be at different stages of vaccination, » said Hota. « It takes into account local transmission rates and access to vaccinations in this area. « Another problem affecting the NHL is the U.’s hurdles. . S.. . may be faced with vaccination of its population. « They are ten times our size and currently have a bigger problem with COVID and a lot of complexity to deploy, » Hota said.

Colin Kaepernick wants everyone to remember that 1. It has been 363 days since he was employed by an NFL team.

Approximately 90 percent of the NBA roster seats are occupied and there are only a few vacant agents on the market. Just three days after the frenzy began, we can declare big winners and losers of the 2020 free agency.

A dreary barrage of news over the past 72 hours has left college basketball at a crossroads. The sport is crumbling before us due to greed, competing agendas, and lack of leadership. And it can mean another canceled NCAA tournament if no action is taken.

The show that produced USWNT star Alex Morgan is suddenly in the spotlight after a report by Oakland TV station KTVU highlighted an allegedly toxic culture full of bullying and intimidation.

Liz Loza and Matt Harmon soften expectations for James Conner in Pittsburgh’s talented cast. Hear the full conversation on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast. Subscribe to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen.

Coach Greg Vanney has a simple message for his players as Toronto FC prepares for a playoff run: just be yourself. « There’s no need to try anymore as this is a playoff game, » Vanney said on a video call Monday. « It’s still a soccer game, you still win it the same way. « What the club did this year worked. Toronto ended the regular season with a 13-5-5 record and narrowly missed the Supporter’s Shield, which is awarded annually to the team that is at the top of the Major League Soccer rating. The club had slight problems finishing the season, losing three of their last four games. Since ending the regular season in a 2-1 loss to the New York Red Bulls, he has had nearly two weeks to train and recover. TFC will open its playoffs against a new opponent on Tuesday and play against expansion player Nashville SC. It will be the first meeting of the two teams after a regular season in which there have been repeated encounters between clubs to reduce travel costs and the potential exposure to COVID-19. « In a way, it’s nice. I feel like we’ve played so many teams so often and then we didn’t play a lot of teams at all, « said Vanney. « I think it’s a little better that there is a lack of familiarity at this point, rather than familiarity. Nashville ended the regular season seventh in the east with a 8-7-8 record and beat fellow rookies Inter Miami CF 3-0 on Friday to survive the play-in round. It was another goal conceded for a team that only gave up 22 goals in the regular season game. « (Nashvilles) a good team, a stingy team, » said Vanney. « They make it difficult to play against them. And they obviously have players who can play some games. “TFC has a great experience advantage. The club has made the playoffs for the fifth time in six years and prevailed up to three of the last four MLS Cup finals. He beat Seattle in 2017 and lost to the Sounders in 2016 and last season. The fact that the core group has a lot of experience together is important but doesn’t guarantee a result, veteran midfielder Michael Bradley said. « No two teams are exactly alike, no two situations are exactly alike, » said the TFC captain, who has played 16 postseason games for Toronto. « But you’d be stupid if you didn’t find ways to draw on the group’s collective experience. And I think we will. We always did. But we also know that it doesn’t count for anything when the whistle sounds. « However, when it comes to the playoffs, » everything is thrown out the window « and that is especially true for MLS because of the knockout format, » said Bradley. Every player on every team starts the game believing that no matter what happened in the regular season they can win, he added. “Nobody holds anything back. It doesn’t matter whether you play at home or on the go – especially when the stadiums are empty or with few fans. It doesn’t matter what shape it’s been in lately, « Bradley said. « It’s 90 minutes and you have two teams playing for their seasons. « There were a few surprises on the first weekend of the MLS Playoffs, including No.. 6 Dallas FC defeated No.. 3 Portland Timbers in an extended shootout. It was the third game that resulted in penalty shoot-outs on the opening weekend of the postseason. « It was fascinating, » said Vanney. « Several games have had their moments of gimmicks or other kinds of excitement or other things that go into the equation just because the emotions are high, everything is at stake, and things get a little blurry at times. But it was fun to see how the playoffs always are. NASHVILLE SC (8-7-8) at TORONTO FC (13-5-5) Tuesday, Rentschler Field at Pratt & Whitney Stadium ON THE ROAD: Toronto FC returned to their temporary home in East Hartford, Conn. , On Sunday. Vanney said the team will stay in the U.. S.. . for the duration of the playoffs. MAN DOWN: Nashville midfielder Anibal Godoy left the game on Friday with a hamstring injury and is not expected to play on Tuesday. This report from The Canadian Press was first published in November. 23, 2020. Gemma Karstens-Smith, the Canadian press

Before Monday afternoon, a handful of schools had announced canceled openings and positive tests.

The co-founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the fundraiser that took the internet by storm in 2014, has died at the age of 37.

The Toronto Raptors have the former No.. 5 Select Alex Len and add more depth to the center point.

BetMGM is offering a special promotion for the Monday night matchup between the Rams and Buccaneers.

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World News – CA – Pa. Lt. . Gov. . Fetterman Says GOP « Issued A Grubhub Order For Chaos » After The Election
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