World News – CA – Pokemon Crown Tundra: release date and DLC launch details


Thursday October 22, 2020 at 12:47 p.m.

Pokémon Sword and Shield has been a huge hit on the Switch, with many of us spending hours there catching every Pokémon available in the game

Fans of the title have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the DLC expansion pack, Crown Tundra, so they can do even more in the game and the time has finally come with the pack that launches tomorrow, although we do not do it still have an exact time

Our best guess is that the pack will drop around 5pm on October 23rd here in the UK, which means we know what we’re gonna be doing on Friday now!

This is of course only an estimate, but with maintenance scheduled to start at 11:00 PM tonight ending at 4:00 AM and then a downloadable update available right after… well, all the signs point to Crown Tundra being playable then

The game released details on what players can expect when they get their hands on it, saying, “With The Crown Tundra, trainers will be able to meet all of the Legendary Pokémon that have appeared in the main series of pokemon video games Players can find and catch Legendary Pokémon while traveling the Crown Tundra or while participating in Dynamax Adventures « 

In The Crown Tundra, trainers can explore a vast icy landscape with jagged, snow-capped mountains and sparkling snow drifts Starting November 6, trainers will have the option to purchase bundled packs that include the base game Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield as well as the corresponding expansion pass for this game, which includes The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra These packs are well suited for trainers who have not yet started their trip to the Galar region « 

The official Sword and Shield website says the following about the pack and what players will experience as they start their new adventure: “The Crown Tundra is the second area you can visit with your Expansion Pass. by yourself this vast landscape, with its drifts of sparkling snow! In this icy region with jagged and snow-capped mountains, people have settled in a small tight-knit community « 

« At the start of your adventures here, a man named Peony will appoint you as leader of his Crown Tundra exploration team. You will be tasked with investigating the expanses of this frozen land, including the depths of a Pokémon Den, something you have so far only been able to spot during Max Raid Battles! « Additionally, it appears that many Legendary Pokémon have made their home in the Crown Tundra »

There’s also Dynamax Adventures, a four-player cooperative part of the game. As for what that involves, Pokémon said, “In Dynamax Adventures, you’ll team up with three other trainers to explore a Pokémon Den where the Pokémon Dynamax would be hiding!  »

« Instead of your regular Pokémon team, you and your fellow Trainers will choose rental Pokémon to take to the depths of the lair. If you encounter a wild Dynamax Pokémon while exploring, you will need to work with your three teammates in a Battle of Max Raid! If you win the battle, you will have the chance to catch the Pokemon, and a trainer on the team will be able to exchange the newly captured Pokemon for the Pokemon they previously had But if you lose a battle, you’ll be kicked out of the den! « 

« Try to swap your Pokémon as you explore to be ready for whatever comes next as you search for the Legendary Pokémon that lurks in the depths And if you want to dive even deeper into the den, Endless Dynamax Adventures may be for you! Dynamax endless adventures keep you going until you lose a battle « 

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World News – CA – Pokemon Crown Tundra: release date and DLC launch details



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