World News – CA – Police are monitoring churches in Manitoba for health violations on Sunday


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Manitoba RCMP blocked the parking lot of a church that was about to hold a service on Sunday.

Local Global News reporters heard RCMP officials tell people that if they walk into the parking lot towards Church of God Steinbach they will be fined.

About 150 cars were parked down the street in front of the church and people were sitting in their cars.

Local Global News staff could also see a preacher preach outside the Church.

The Church of God Steinbach, a chapter of a North American Christian denomination founded in the 1980s, was fined 5. US $ 000 after a Sunday service was held last week, attended by « well over » 100 people, RCMP told the time.

Global News was tired of speaking to Church-related people on Sunday, but they declined to comment.

The province banned all faith-based gatherings as part of the red pandemic restrictions introduced in November. 12 as COVID-19 cases skyrocketed in the province.

In the southern health region where the church is located, there was on Saturday 1. 126 active novel coronavirus cases – Jan.. 885 people have recovered since the virus reached the province while 56 have died.

Steinbach had a test positivity rate of 40 percent two weeks ago.

The Steinbach RCMP department does not necessarily plan to fully book participants, but says that even drive-in services are not allowed.

« The public health order instructions are basically all large church meetings, even in the vehicle. The province doesn’t want people to meet in such large numbers because we don’t want this virus to spread, ”said Paul Manaigre.

« People need to get the message. We all see some of these health workers in Steinbach on Facebook – they made it clear that their hospitals are full and we ask people that we can help them. These people need breaks. It is frustrating. I understand that people want to get out and do their regular business all the way to church business, but the health workers in Steinbach and everywhere else are being burned out. ”

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World News – CA – Police are monitoring Manitoba churches for health violations on Sunday
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