World News – CA – Problems and loopholes hamper Facebook’s campaign misinformation efforts


Despite a concerted effort by Facebook to stem political misinformation ahead of the US election, false and misleading ads continue to circulate due to glitches and loopholes – and what critics claim is weak enforcement of its own social media giant policies

The problems have been highlighted in recent days by revelations that deceptive ads, debunked by independent auditors, were reposted, shared and targeted to specific voters even after being banned by Facebook

The company admitted on Monday that some banned ads were reappearing and began deleting the posts after a Wall Street Journal report, citing research from the New York University Ads Observatory

Some of the ads, which came from groups supporting President Donald Trump and containing bogus claims about Democrat Joe Biden, have been shared more than three million times on Facebook, according to Laura Edelson, a researcher at NYU Group

In some cases they were reposted by third parties « but in some cases we have seen the same group repost the same ad, » Edelson said

Indeed, Facebook removed specific ads but failed to block subsequent ones with the same content, which could be copied into a new « creation », according to Edelson

Edelson said the repost suggested that Facebook was not aggressive enough in enforcing its policy: « It’s not technically difficult to prevent this same content from being uploaded »

The ads were run by the American Principles Project, a conservative group, and contained false claims that Biden supports the far-left Antifa movement and supports gender reassignment operations for children

« When a fact-checker applies a rating, we label and demote it while rejecting it as an advertisement – this is true for all ratings, » a spokesperson for AFP told AFP. Facebook

« We have reviewed these listings and are taking action against those that don’t follow our rules, while working to improve the way we find listings similar to those that have already been rated »

Bret Schafer, a researcher at the nonprofit Alliance for Securing Democracy, said Facebook has gone to great lengths to fill in the gaps, but that has not been enough to stem the flow of disinformation and disinformation

People tend to use the former to describe the spread – accidental or otherwise – of false information, while the latter is generally seen as deliberate disinformation

« Facebook’s automated and human moderation cannot keep up with the volume and how the actors try to get around the restrictions »

Last week Facebook got off to a rocky start in its efforts to ban new political posts a week before the November 3 election as part of a move to prevent last-minute hoaxes from going viral Rival parties have complained that new announcements have been released despite the policy

Facebook Product Manager Rob Leathern admitted that some ads were « not muted properly » and some advertisers were having difficulty modifying their campaigns

Facebook’s app problems come with the platform struggling to limit the kind of manipulative efforts seen in 2016 when foreign entities spread disinformation to influence the election

Facebook has launched dozens of fact-checking partnerships, including with AFP, aimed at limiting the spread of hoaxes and rumors

« The work we’re doing to tackle the spread of disinformation online feels like a less fun version of whack-a-mole on some days, » said Aaron Sharockman, executive director of PolitiFact, one of the partners at Facebook

« We’re debunking a conspiracy to have 10 more people appear in their place I think that will always be kind of the nature of this job, however, and it’s no surprise that bad actors try to find weak spots or deficiencies in Facebook’s fact-checking program »

Media Matters chairman Angelo Carusone said the watchdog group had previously warned of loopholes in Facebook policies that let disinformation flow

“Four years ago there were a small number of bad actors responsible for the majority of the disinformation,” she said “Today many advertisers watched 2016 and see it as good strategy « 

Schafer said that in 2016 « a lot of people were caught off guard » by the extent of political misinformation and disinformation

Today he said: « We are better prepared as a society, but we are far from the vaccination level So that could still have an impact » – Rapplercom

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Global News – CA – Problems and loopholes hamper campaign misinformation efforts from Facebook


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