World News – CA – Rebecca Netflix Ending Explained – Who Set Manderley On Fire?


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REBECCA is a dark tale of twists and turns – and the ending is no exception

Du Maurier writes: « The road to Manderley was ahead There was no moon The sky above our heads was ink black But the sky on the horizon was not at all dark

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« He was slaughtered with crimson, like a drop of blood And ashes blew towards us with the saline wind of the sea »

The implication in the novel is that Manderley was set on fire by Mrs Danvers, who was furious that her attempts to break up the marriage between Maxim and Mrs De Winter were unsuccessful

Nicknamed « Danny » by the late Rebecca, Ms. Danvers spends the novel tormenting Ms. De Winter for her dedication to her previous mistress, whom she cared for as a child

As Mrs. De Winter stands over an open window, Mrs. Danvers tells her: « Mr. de Winter doesn’t love you There’s not much to live for, is there? Why don’t you jump in now and you’re done? Then you will no longer be unhappy « 

At the beginning of Rebecca, the narrator writes: « Mrs. Danvers I wonder what she is doing now »

At the beginning of the novel, we are told that Rebecca, the late wife of Maxim De Winter, drowned in a sailing accident – much to her husband’s dismay

Maxim reveals his grief was a facade – he hated Rebecca and she was serial adultery

The wealthy Englishman feared for his reputation and struck a deal with his wife: she would keep appearances of the perfect woman if she could privately carry on her business

In a fit of rage, Maxim shot his wife and sank her body in a boat

No, Mrs. De Winter is alive and well – she’s telling the story!

While writing the novel, she alludes to the fact that she lives abroad, but it is not known where

She says she lives in a hotel and listens to the news from England

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World News – CA – Rebecca Netflix Ending Explained – Who Set Manderley On Fire?


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