World News – CA – Record-breaking Dortmund teenage star Reyna opens up about more career goals


In this interview with Bundesliga International media, Borussia Dortmund teenage attacking midfielder and American youth international Giovanni Reyna talks about his career in the Bundesliga

The boy who turns 18 on November 13, 2020 started in Dortmund’s U-19 squad after joining MLS academy squad New York City FC in July 2019 He was promoted in Dortmund’s first team in January and became an important player in Lucien Favre’s squad

He made his Bundesliga debut in Dortmund’s 4-3 win over Augsburg in January, he became the youngest American to appear in a Bundesliga game, at 17 years and 66 days This record was previously held by Christian Pulisic, also as a Dortmund player

The youngster went on to score his first professional goal when Dortmund lost a German Cup round of 16 game 2-3 against Werder Bremen, and set another record – the youngest goalscorer in the competition history

Reyna, who has appeared in Dortmund’s three Bundesliga games so far this season, scoring one goal and collecting four assists, says he’s in the right environment and hopes to accomplish a lot more with BVB

« Yes, I’m growing up fast right now, there is a lot to come over me. My mom is luckily here now so she is able to help me with whatever I need, but in terms on and off the pitch, there is also a lot going on Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming but I say that
often I have a lot of people around me, so I take advantage of everything « 

« Yes, so far this season I’ve had a good start, firstly, and the team has
had a good start too You know we just have to keep going and try to get as many wins as possible I had good games, had a lot of time to learn, goals and assists and obviously j ‘ve just tried to help the team win, so it’s been a success for a few games so far and I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season. « 

« Yeah, that was nice We had a few fans coming back I scored my first goal last year but finally getting my first Bundesliga goal at home with fans was really, really amazing so I hope i just need to score some more and keep going »

« No, I never really thought about it but now that I think about it two 17 year olds who should be the youngest goal ever, so yeah that’s cool Obviously I’m ‘get along very well with him, he’s a good friend of mine so far here and he’s only been here a few months, so on and off the pitch we have great chemistry I’m really happy to have him here « 

« I just think we got into the first team at the same time, obviously he was bought in Salzburg and I got promoted Since then we’ve kind of looked at each other , saying we don’t have as many friends as the others, so we talked to each other right away and got along well On the pitch too, he kind of told me what he likes and I can play on his strength, so he told me to play the ball behind and I really saw
his speed right away and you can see it pays off This chemistry works and I’m just trying to make the whole team’s life easy and especially his « 

« It’s crazy to think about it, when you compare it to football because
football is such a huge thing, you have so many huge players, and being one of the bromances is crazy to think But i just think everything is natural, nothing forced, maybe some of them are forced , but with me and Erling everything is real and feels natural We have been feeling the love since day one and I think it shows on the pitch as well so it’s cool to hear and I hope we can create more
goals together « 

« Every now and then when I need him, but I have other people too But I’m sure when I need him to take me along he will definitely take me. a safe driver, he gives me some advice because i am also doing my license right now He told me that once i turn 18 he no longer drives me, because i should have my license from here there, but hopefully the next month he drives me around should be fun, so good to have him « 

At the moment there are 10 American players in the Champions League. What does this have about the ambitions of the United States?

« I think it’s so exciting for all of us to have so many Americans, even if we don’t all play, in a good environment day in and day out There are guys at Barca, guys at Juventus, guys here in Germany and of course Christian in London There are so many guys with the best players in the world, learning every day and it’s still a young grassroots group I know we’re all very excited and looking forward to get together, finally put all the pieces together and see what we can do « 

“There were a few teams that were really interested and that interested me too, but I was so young and it all happened really fast. I had a few good tournaments with the national team and they got me saw, then the interest came out of nowhere and came quickly I think I was 14 at the time, or 15, when I realized there was a possibility of going to Europe and yes i just came here and christian was there at the time and everything he was doing at the time just got it in my head i could do
big things here Everything about Dortmund and the opportunities they had, giving young players time, playing in the Champions League and all the biggest competitions They made me feel right at home from day one, m ‘made me feel like I was really wanted here, so it was a perfect decision so far « 

Giovanni Reyna celebrates after scoring in Borussia Dortmund vs Borussia Mönchengladbach game at Signal Iduna Park on September 19, 2020 in Dortmund (Credit – DFL / Getty Images / Baron)

« I think we always talk about it but my father works in football, so the main thing with them is that they are my parents and want what I want They let me make that decision by myself Obviously they gave me advice but they put me there to see what I wanted to do and of course I chose Dortmund « 

« I think there were little things everyday that I probably don’t even remember, but just constantly talking about them, being around the game, being involved, coming to my practices and my matches and just giving me little advice that I slowly put in my head when I was 10 Slowly I became more mature and he kept giving me advice, whether it was about turning, effort or so many different things he helped me for Nothing I can really stress but without him I certainly wouldn’t be here, I can say that « 

« She understands the game, of course, and she helped with that too, but she was more about exerting / taking care of my body, eating the right things, getting enough sleep and of course school, so she pressured me more about it « 

« I’ve been in two so far and they’ve both been very close games with a lot of quality on both sides. I think both teams know that every time they go up against each other it is will be a battle and we both want to win so much It will be a close game and I think we’re going to have to have a really good game to beat them because they won the Champions League and are a top team, but in the last game, they barely beat us, so I
think we’re really here and we can beat them next time « 

« It’s really, really important, I think a team like Bayern
slipping, so we just have to try to take as many points as possible in each game and obviously take three and for them losing three to us would be a huge plus for us We still have games to focus on now, but once as this game gets closer, all eyes will be on this game « 

“Obviously being young and playing at Bayern it’s very difficult to break through there and they have to have quality, I haven’t seen a lot of them yet but I’m sure Bayern will give them a chance and if they’ll take the opportunity or not I’ve seen a few guys score goals and get assists and I think it’s exciting for me and Jude and all the other young guys to see other young guys do well, I think it’s exciting for the next generation to look forward to it « 

« Yeah, unfortunately I got injured last year in warm-ups when I had to make my first start and I was really excited for that I think with this game you can never know what is going to happen, it’s a derby and they are going to do their best and so are we. It’s always a tough game to see it on TV and I’ve watched it for many years, I think both teams know that ‘they have to be at their best to win « 

« I think Axel, not just him but a lot of older guys, gives a lot of
freedom for us youngsters at the top i guess you can say young guns like everybody say right now Especially me sometimes when i play in midfield me and Jude think it gives us freedom to have such a solid defensive midfielder under you He always gives us advice too and it’s really great to have him and many other guys who are veterans
help us « 

Lots of Americans have played in the Revierderby before, but none have scored That must be your goal, right?

« Christian and Weston never scored? » It’s surprising, I thought
Christian would have scored, yes it’s not just this game but I’m trying to do it
scoring and having assists in every game, but of course this game has a little something extra Being the first American to score in this derby would be cool, I’m surprised to hear that neither of them scored, j ‘hope I can score but the most important thing is to win « 

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World news – CA – Dortmund Record-breaking teenage star Reyna speaks more career goals



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