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26 October 2020 at 12:50

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The measures imposed in the red zone as part of the « 28-day parade » extend until November 23, announces Prime Minister François Legault, who is asking for four weeks of waiting. efforts

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Bars, gymnasiums, restaurant dining rooms, cinemas, theaters and performance halls must therefore remain closed until ???? New order in order to limit the spread of the virus, which has left 10 people dead, according to latest report

The ban on team sports in the areas most affected by COVID-19 also remains in force Even has chosen for the restrictions on the visit to the house and all the measures announced since September 25, in anticipation of the « 28 day challenge », which was due to end on Wednesday

A little light at the end of the tunnel: the Prime Minister opens the door to certain relaxations, in two weeks

However, this is a « big IS », since this re-evaluation will be made according to the decrease in the number of cases, closures and hospitalizations

As reported a little earlier by Le Journal, a new measure sâ ???? adds ONE ?? As of November 2, Secondary 3 students in the red zone must present themselves to the ???? School only one day out of two As of next Monday, students in secondary 3 must do as those in levels 4 and 5, which since October 8, have been doing this. alternation between the presence at the ???? School and there online education

The Prime Minister has been repeating for weeks that closing schools is the last measure to consider

However, public health has found that older students are more likely to transmit the virus than younger ones, therefore. o the new restriction imposed on à à ¢ secondary 3 students

Authorities recently had to close 1,000 classrooms due to COVID-19 Now 100 fewer are reported

While the situation in CHSLDs remains under control, especially compared to last spring, that in the workplaces is becoming more and more worrying

Close to ???? one in two new cases comes from workplaces The Prime Minister will therefore appeal to the responsibility of employers, in order to encourage all those who can telework

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François Legault, Québec

News from around the world – CA – Red zone restrictions extended until November 23



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