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Arrowsmith Search and Rescue crews rescued a man from the water on Saturday, December. 12 in Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. (Screencap via tiktok / @ quinnteechma)

One lucky man has Arrowsmith Search and Rescue Crews to thank for carrying out a harrowing rescue operation at Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park on Saturday afternoon.

Arrowsmith SAR was called to the park on December. 12 at approx. 3 p. m. to save the man stranded in the middle of the cold river. The man was trapped on a log between two waterfalls.

Nick Rivers, Search and Rescue Manager at Arrowsmith SAR, went into the water himself to conduct the rescue operation, which took between 25 and 30 minutes. A social media video of the daring rescue posted by Quinn Teechma videotaped the incident.

« We got there and made an assessment, » said Rivers. “Of course, my safety has been compromised by being in this environment, but through training and a few other contingencies we have been able to reduce the risks as much as possible, but you can never eliminate them completely. ”

Before Rivers was lowered into the water, he said that a rope system had been put in place to ensure that if he lost his footing, he couldn’t go over the nearest falls. After sinking, Rivers finally managed to get under the man by swimming against the current and kicking off the rocks. Almost at the same time, Rivers said, the man lost his grip and fell into the water and started walking towards the lower falls.

Rivers was able to quickly jump off the log and successfully catch the man who was then only three feet from the lower falls. He held the man with the rope around Rivers as his team pulled her from above both to safety and out of the water.

« There have been a couple of times I’ve ended up underwater a little longer than I wanted, » said Rivers. “At some point he actually kept me under water, of course not on purpose. It was just his position. And I couldn’t let go, otherwise he would go over the next waterfall. ”

Without his hands, Rivers said, he had to figure out how to get his head above water to breathe without letting go of the man, a task he considered « pretty tough ». ”

« I’ve been involved in some pretty intense rescues in the past, but fast water is hands down the most dangerous part we do. With the water flowing that fast, I can’t say I was involved in something this intense before, ”said Rivers.

After the man was safely pulled ashore, BC Ambulance staff took care of him and took him to hospital. Rivers said he did not know of any physical injuries to the man other than hypothermia.

« If you are lowered into such a ravine and the water thunders through the ravine, no one can hear you calling. Nobody can hear you whistle. Nobody can hear you radio. You’re down there alone. ”

According to Rivers, Arrowsmith SAR « has no idea » how the man ended up in the pool as there are no paths or anything that « can get you there ». ”

On Twitter, Arrowsmith SAR said, “Dashwood FD, Coombs / Hilliers FD, BCAS and RCMP were also involved in the rescue. An effective multi-agency response is an important part of any search and rescue in British Columbia. ”

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World News – CA – Rescue teams rescue people from raging waters in Vancouver Island Provincial Park – Terrace Standard


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