World news – CA – Sask, a dog lost in a snowstorm dug into a burrow and survived for days


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Saskatoon –
A Saskatchewan woman is reunited with her dog after he goes missing a Sunday afternoon

In a snowstorm

After losing her dog, Julia Newfieldt said she was heartbroken and thought she’d never see Lowe again

« I felt very desperate, and felt that he would never attend. I just remember crying, the wind was blowing, and the ice pellets hit my face, » Neufeldt said.

« I thought » No way, he’s gone « I have no idea where he’s gone, I felt like we were looking for a needle in a haystack

Neufeldt and her family searched Whitecap Park where Lowe had disappeared, but with snowstorm-like conditions on Sunday, they had to call her the night after finding any signs of it.

She said she barely sleeps that night, is afraid for her dog and is thinking about the worst.

« I was convinced he had fallen into the river leaning toward the worst case scenario, but I wanted to prepare myself for the fact that he might not come back, » Newfelt told CTV News

Friends and family started joining the search, and the news quickly spread on social media, forcing strangers altogether to help out in the search for Louie

Neuveldt spent the next few days researching parks in the area, knocking on the doors and telling anyone who would listen to Lowe and what he looked like

“I got a phone call from Animal Control, someone said, ‘There is a gentleman in Furdale Park who spotted a dog that Newfeldt said is with the dog now and it fits Lowe’s description’”

She said she tried not to raise her hopes too much until the man sent her a picture of Louis, and then she started running

« I started screaming, and of course we were on the other end of where he was, so we quickly blasted through the snow, » said Neufeldt.

“It took us about half an hour to ski in the snow and felt like I was going to have an asthma attack”

He was a cross-country skier walking by his dog when he thought he saw a porcupine and started skating away from him before realizing it was Loewe, in a terrier he made for himself

Neuveldt said Loewe dug himself a cave in the snow, which may have been the reason why he has survived more than three days in the cold.

« I started crying because I was so excited, I felt like I was in disbelief, like this can’t be real »

Newfieldt said she was very grateful to the man who found Louis with the help of his dog.

« He just came out with his cursor, » said Neufeldt, « and if it weren’t for the dog, we wouldn’t have found Louis. »

Now that Louie is home, his family will take extra steps to make sure he never runs away again.

Help finding Louie and realizing what Neufledt can lose, help find a new appreciation for Louie

« I was dealing with a new baby and Loewe was a small dog and I was so frustrated, » said Neufeldt.

“Once he was gone, I felt overwhelmed by all this guilt and I remembered (my husband) Brett’s screaming, and I said, ‘I was so frustrated with him, but I would do anything to make him drop water on my floor, get his nose prints on my window, I would do anything to get him back' »

Newfieldt said she is very grateful for all the help and support that has come from friends and family, and wants to thank everyone who has helped her in any capacity.

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World News – California – Sask lost a dog in a snowstorm that dug into a burrow and survived for several days


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