. World News – CA – « That Was a Massacre »: Women’s MMA Phenomenon, Kayla Harrison, is wreaking havoc in rival bloody mayhem as demand for Amanda Nunes fight (VIDEO) grows.


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Falling to featherweight for the first time, the result was a well-known result for Harrison, who struck the uneducated king in the head during his fight in Kansas City, before going on with a brutal attack on the 4: 48- Mark the second round has ended.

By this point, King’s face – and much of the canvas – was painted purple with blood from a nasty cut above her nose that Harrison had made with one elbow in a dominant first round.

King was cleared for the second round, but two-time Olympic judo champion Harrison put more pressure on and reopened the incision as the blood gushed from King’s face.

After Harrison secured another farewell, the ending was a formality as she beat up King and forced the interruption.

Even Harrison seemed to piss off at the bloody scene in front of her as he stepped away from King, wiping his nose and splattering red on her shoulder.

« This was a bloody massacre, » wrote one fan of the aftermath. Another compared the bloody scene to « something out of a horror movie ». ”

« She’s a beast and she’s only doing better, » wrote ESPN expert Ariel Helwani, who also shared the damage to King’s face.

This is the face of the woman who is currently fighting Kayla Harrison, Courtney King. image. Twitter. com / AxduqZ7hYv

Some fans wondered why King was allowed to continue, given the cruel cut she suffered on the first round and the steady flow of blood.

30-year-old Harrison made a detour to take on a tackle deal at All-Women-Invicta-FC after her promotion PFL – where she is lightweight champion – was forced on hiatus in 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic.

Harrison is expected to compete in the Invicta ranks again before the PFL kicks off its 2021 season.

This is the nature of Harrison’s dominance in her flawless eight-fight MMA career. The noise has grown steadily so that she has to face tougher tests. Many fans see her as a legitimate two-weight challenge for Brazilian UFC Queen Amanda Nunes.

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UFC chief Dana White has admitted in the past that Harrison is an « interesting » fighter and the pressure on him to fight a Nunes fight will only mount now after Harrison shows she is 145 pounds can make.

Amanda Nunes vs.. . Kayla Harrison in 2022 (after the next PFL season) sounds great to me.

Kayla Harrison elbowed entering MMA consciousness. Harrison regularly goes to war with Amanda Nunes. She is a monster. https: // t. co / LrMPBPWBmL

Prior to her last demolition show, Harrison had downplayed comparisons between her MMA career and that of the 20-4 Nunes, but admitted that a potential meeting was an enticing prospect.

« She is the goat. I’m a beginner, but she’s the one I’m chasing, ”Harrison said of her top American team fighter.

« You know that, I know that, everyone knows that. She is who I want to be. That’s the goal of being the best ever.

« I will never turn down this opportunity. I would do it with respect and pride to fight her, and I love Amanda. I think it’s great. I think she is a good person.

« I can only say good things about you. So when it happens it won’t be like a bad one – it won’t be like a Colby-Masvidal. « . It will look like, « I love you, but we have to do business. « . Let’s both make money. ‘”

Harrison previously referred to herself as « the female Khabib, » referring to the undefeated Russian UFC lightweight champion who shares a similarly dominant pedigree.

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World News – CA – « That was a massacre »: The MMA phenomenon of women, Kayla Harrison, leaves a bloody thing Chaos Calls For Amanda Nunes Fight Grow (VIDEO)
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