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Resonance Consultancy has just released the latest edition of the world’s most comprehensive city ranking Find out how all your favorite global cities are performing by downloading the free 2021 World’s Best Cities report at BestCitiesorg / Reports / 2021-Worlds-Best-Cities /

NEW YORK, Oct February 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Resonance Consultancy today announced the 100 Best Performing Cities in the World in its annual Best Cities in the World report

A leading advisor in tourism, real estate and economic development, the Resonance rankings of the best cities quantify and compare the relative quality of the place, the reputation and the competitive identity of the main cities of the world with one million inhabitants or more They are considered the most comprehensive city ranking in the world, based on an original methodology that analyzes key statistics as well as user-generated reviews and online activity on channels such as Google, Facebook and Instagram.

« The ranking of the best cities in the world is made up of experiential factors that people consider the most important in choosing a city to live in and visit, as well as empirical factors that business decision-makers consider important for business or business. investment, ”says Resonance & CEO Chris Fair

As a result, Resonance’s Best Cities ranking not only considers cities as places to live, work or visit, but takes a more holistic approach using a wide range of factors that show positive correlations with the attraction of jobs, investments and / or visitors These range from the number of culinary experiences, museums and sites and monuments that each city offers, to the number of Global 500 companies, to direct air links and to the mentions that each city has on Instagram

New to the 2021 ranking, Resonance has added three new factors to better reflect the impact of the pandemic – and the response – of cities The Prosperity category now shows a city’s unemployment rate (as of July 2020 , the latest figures available at the time of publication) and the Gini Index of Income Inequalities In our Location category, the number of COVID-19 cases per million (as of July 31, 2020) for each city has been added

Based on how each city performs in the 25 factors analyzed, here are the best cities in the world for 2021:

« The data collected for this year’s ranking provides insight into the performance of these cities leading up to the pandemic, » says Chris Fair, president of Resonance, & “In a year, we will be able to see how COVID-19 has affected each of these cities and see which ones prove to be the most resilient during this crisis. »

Fair notes that the world’s major cities – with MSA populations of over one million – face a myriad of impending challenges that will define their next decade and beyond

« The data we are currently tracking indicates that there has been very little recovery in visits to major urban centers, and the loss of tourism has also had the hardest impact on these cities, » Fair says.  » But with the right financial support and policies, cities can help weather this crisis for the businesses most affected by the pandemic to ensure they are able to recover quickly from the other side of the crisis. Without this support, it could take up to ten years for major urban centers to return to 2019 levels of economic activity « 

Resonance is a global consulting firm of creators of strategic and creative places As a leading advisor in real estate, tourism and economic development, Resonance combines expertise in research, strategy, branding and communication to make destinations, cities and developments more valuable and more dynamic Please visit ResonanceCocom to learn more

Best Cities is home to Resonance Consultancy’s exclusive ranking of the world’s leading urban destinations The exclusive methodology of our ranking quantifies and compares the relative quality of place, reputation and competitive identity of cities around the world through multiple factors using basic stats and online ratings and reviews Top City Rankings have been used by news outlets ranging from National Geographic to Lonely Planet, and Bloomberg calls it « the most comprehensive study of the world. kind; it identifies the cities that are most attractive to locals, visitors and businessmen, rather than just looking at quality of life or tourist appeal « 

ITEP data disaggregated impact by state Population has major impact on overall total tax increases

Before opening a retirement account, you should know the disadvantages of Roth IRAs Income limits are a disadvantage Find out the disadvantages of Roth IRAs

Nio has announced a key production milestone as Morgan Stanley grows more optimistic about the electric car maker

(Bloomberg) – Exxon Mobil Corp will cut its global workforce by 15% over the next two years, an unprecedented reform by North America’s largest oil explorer as it struggles to preserve Its dividends The cuts will include 1,900 US jobs, mostly in Houston, as well as an undisclosed number of positions around the world. « These actions will improve the long-term cost competitiveness of the business and ensure that the business manages current business conditions. unprecedented market, ”the company said in a statement ThursdayExxon’s total reduction will affect around 14,000 people, split between employees and contractors, spokesman Casey Norton said by phone The figure includes the US job cuts, as well as layoffs and previously announced retirements in Europe and Australia, and future cuts in Canada and elsewhere Exxon Big Oil rivals are also shedding thousands of jobs in response to pandemic-induced drop in demand BP Plc plans to cut 10,000 jobs, Royal Dutch Shell Plc will cut up to 9,000 jobs, and Chevron Corp has announced around 6,000 cuts Exxon’s internal workforce stood at 74,900 as of December 31, according to data compiled by Bloomberg However, the fact that ‘it is in the process of cutting is a sign of its weakened financial situation compared to its former status as the largest company in the S&P 500 index less than ten years ago and as a profit power Used to weathering oil price cycles This year’s recession was particularly painful because it affected refining, typically a cushion in times of low oil prices, and because it came at a time when Exxon was already increasing its prices. loans to finance a large expansion program The company was forced to back down on those plans in April, slashing capital spending by $ 10 billion and delaying or cutting most major projectsThe stock has plunged 54% this year Its dividend yield is now above 10%, indicating that investors anticipate a drop Exxon maintained the quarterly payment on Wednesday and is expected to post its third consecutive quarterly loss when its results are released tomorrow(Updates scope of job cuts in first paragraph) For more articles like this please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most popular source of business news reliable © 2020 Bloomberg LP

« I don’t pay the bills, which got me thinking about staying with him for convenience, but at what cost mentally? »

Former Vice President Biden has a detailed proposal to raise taxes for people with taxable income above $ 400,000, essentially targeting the richest 1% President Trump wants to maintain the tax cuts that took effect in 2018, which have largely benefited high earners

Japan’s largest automaker said on Wednesday it was adding another 152 million US vehicles to the recall that was first announced in January and covers many models built between July 2017 and September Toyota said that vehicles with a fuel pump may stop working and cause the vehicle to stall, and the vehicle may not be able to be restarted Dealerships will replace the fuel pump with an upgraded version

Whether AT&T can extend its round of dividend hikes is subject to debate among market watchers But the telecoms and media company said the quarterly payment was a priority and had the financial means to maintain it

My question is, can I retire before that and be able to live off my rental income? If you manage your property as « passive » income, you are not contributing to Social Security, which will affect you later when claiming benefits.

Between the ongoing corona crisis and the next election, markets are in the throes of uncertainty – the only thing that investors really worry about Uncertainty casts a cloud over the likely course of the market, making it difficult The search for stocks that will yield returns Fortunately, some trends are somewhat immune to this uncertainty Just 20 years ago, these would not have moved the needle; their niches were young, only just beginning their long walk through our company and culture, but today Big Tech has become one of the sure things in the market There is no technology greater than FAANG stocks This group – Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google – offers the technology we are looking for, whether it’s hardware or online Facebook invented social media today; Apple brings us the device innovations that have energized the mobile; Amazon has redefined e-commerce Netflix and Google have each made their own contributions, in video streaming and web search and advertising The FAANGs have generated investor interest and media buzz, and they have also attracted the attention of Some of Wall Street’s Top Analysts Written by investment firm JPMorgan, two analysts, both among Street’s 10% stock market experts, weighed in on three members of the FAANG group – and recommend them as purchases Let’s take a closer look Inc (FB) Facebook has fueled its growth through ad revenue, leveraging its massive user base – over 27 billion globally, or 35% of the world’s population – with its massive database of ad activity. users to deliver finely targeted advertising The result has been astounding – advertisers see results, Facebook sees profits and investors get a return of 640% since the company went public in 2012This year, while 2020 was bad for many businesses, Facebook was able to take advantage of social lockdown policies.The company offered the prospect of online social interaction and sold that prospect of increased traffic to advertisers The immediate result was strong year-over-year profit growth for FB shareholders The company saw its revenue and profits decline in the first quarter, but this needs to be put into perspective – the fourth quarter is the stronger business, with increased use of ads during the holiday season Q1 and Q2 profits rose 101% and 97% respectively Looking ahead to the third quarter the forecast is $ 193 A meeting that would be somewhat disappointing, as the third quarter of last year saw $ 212 , but it’s important to note here that FB has beaten earnings guidance in each of the last 4 quarters Doug Anmuth, rated 5 stars by TipRanks and ranked 24th overall among over 7,000 analysts, covers this title for JPMorgan and has much to say « We believe that Facebook’s virtual ownership of the social graph, the strong competitive divide and the focus on user experience make it a sustainable blue chip company built for the long haul Facebook is in thin air through the combination of scale, growth and profitability as the company’s massive reach and engagement continues to drive network effects and its targeting capabilities offer significant value to advertisers, ”noted Anmuth Turning to some details, the analyst notes:“ FB remains one of our top picks & we are increasing our estimate of Q3 ad revenue by $ 19.5 billion (12% growth over one year) to $ 19 8B (14% Y / Y) Overall, FB increased their ad revenue by 10% in the first three weeks of July & mgmt forecast third quarter ad round growth at a similar pace… ”Consistent with these comments, Anmuth attributes FB to be overweight (ie Buy) and raises his one-year price target to $ 315, which suggests 13% growth (To look at Anmuth’s track record, click here) Overall , Facebook stocks get strong buy from analyst consensus 36 recent valuations boil down to 32 buy, 3 take and 1 sell FB sells for $ 27940 and its average price target of $ 30439 implies a 9% rise from Current Levels (See FB Stock Market Analysis on TipRanks) Apple, Inc (AAPL) Apple will release its FQ4 results tonight in what will, as usual, be one of the highlights of the earnings season looking forward , Apple predicts a slowdown in iPhone sales in the long run, due to a combination of factors, increased device competition in China and the maturing smartphone market replacement cycle The company is compensating by pushing more strong on wearable devices and capitalizing on the continued popularity of iPads and MacBooks – and seeing some success Switching to 5G is also seen as a net benefit for Apple, and the company expects $ 300 million to use iPhone owners upgrade their devices over the next two yearsApple broke its fourth-quarter profit records last year, with $ 91.8 billion in revenue and $ 4.99 in EPS Since the corona crisis hits the business hard Disruption and supply and distribution chains, as well as economic downturns and reduced consumer spending, led to a sharp decline in profits in Q1 and a further decline in Q2 Second quarter EPS was only 64 cents Low income came even as income remained at $ 60 billion, near Apple’s historic mid-year levels Common wisdom expects Apple to see the start of a rebound in the CYQ3 report (the company’s fiscal fourth quarter) later in the day Revenue is estimated at $ 64, up 6% sequentially and matching the previous year’s quarter EPS is also expected to rise, to 72 cents per share JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee sees Apple in the position of force, despite the macroeconomic difficulties in the market The 5-star analyst writes: “Entering the F4Q earnings report (end of September) on October 29, Apple shares significantly outperformed the S&P500 YTD (57% vs. 7 %), led by the confluence of strong iPhone demand, favorable winds for iPad / Mac of WFH / eLearning trends and continued service momentum, underscoring the resilient nature of Apple’s various revenue streams … We remain positive on Apple stocks driven by this combination of: 1) strong demand for old and new 5G iPhones; 2) capitalize on a strong revenue opportunity through industry-leading innovation in wearable devices; and 3) a strong and resilient service portfolio, benefiting from a large and growing installed user base… ”Chatterjee sets a price target of $ 150 on AAPL shares, which implies robust growth of 31% for the company. (Year to Buy) Stock Rating (To view Chatterjee history, click here) Overall, Apple’s consensus rating for moderate purchases is based on 35 reviews, including 26 purchases, 8 holdings and 1 Sell Stocks have an average price target of $ 12581, suggesting 10% growth from the current price of $ 114.34 (See Apple Stock Analysis on TipRanks) Amazoncom (AMZN) Last on our FAANG list today hui is Amazon, the company that has remade online selling in its own image and in doing so has become a freak of the tech world Amazon has found new opportunities in the coronavirus crisis this year Closures have affected the physical retail and have accelerated the public’s transition to e-commerce – and Amazon was there to pick up the selling activity The company reversed forecasts in the last quarter, with revenues of $ 889 billion and EPS of $ 10.30, both well ahead of forecast Unsurprisingly, the stock also posted strong growth this year as stocks rose over 70% The Street expects Amazon to post $ 730 in EPS for the third quarter, to be released today At this point, it’s important to note that the last quarter, when the result was 10 $ 30, the forecast was only $ 1.74 No one expects this kind of outperformance again – but no one will be surprised if Amazon beats the estimates for the third quarter Covering Amazon for JPM, Doug Anmuth notes an overview : « We believe Amazon is well positioned as a market leader in e-commerce and public cloud, where secular changes remain early – US e-commerce accounts for ~ 20% of the adjustment to retail sales, and we estim We see that around 15% of workloads are in the cloud today ”He goes on to highlight Amazon’s growth and prospects:“ E-commerce growth continued at an almost record pace in the third quarter, non-store retail sales only slowing by around 150 basis points instead of 25Peak COVID-19 Levels of 5% in 2T by US DOC Above all, we believe AMZN is well positioned in what we expect to be a record-breaking holiday season online with a 50% increase in square footage over one year… ”e Buy) and a price target of $ 4,050 which implies 27% growth over one year (To look at Anmuth’s track record, click here) Overall, Amazon has a strong unanimous purchase of the analyst consensus, based on no less than 38 positive reviews Shares are selling for $ 3,183, and the average target of $ 3,773 suggests there is room for nearly 19% growth on the horizon. ‘One Year (See Amazon Stock Analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for tech stocks that trade at attractive valuations, visit Top Stocks to Buy from TipRanks, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks actions Disclaimer: opinions exp Rhymes in this article are those of the featured analysts only The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

As the election climbs, many voters wonder what Biden’s tax plan is Taxes would rise for the rich For others, surprises would include tax cuts

Many tax experts say Biden’s 15% minimum tax on book income is a bad idea

On Wednesday morning, Jim Cramer shared his first look at the markets which included views on potential lockdowns, more layoffs and if there is a buy opportunity on stocksCramer on Lockdowns: During his appearance on « Squawk on the Street », Cramer discussed the potential for lockdowns similar to what Europe has done « There is going to be a call for the lockdown » Cramer doesn’t believe we’ll get a lockdown because our country believes in freedom and won’t shut down completelyInstead, Cramer thinks we’ll have a “stay in place voluntarily” Related Link: European Markets Today: Stocks Hit Lows Due To The Rise fears related to the coronavirus? Purchase opportunity? Markets are expected to open significantly on Wednesday The S&P 500 has an implied 65-point open « If we had a stimulus, we would focus on earnings » Instead, Cramer said we were focusing on rising prices. virus numbers and more layoffs: « Very hard to buy a lot of stock when you see those numbers » Cramer said everyone was scared Some states have adopted their own rules on how to stop the spread of the virus, Cramer said, which could have an impact on how we control the growing number of cases He thinks it’s realistic to do something in terms of stimulus after the election « Buy these stocks tomorrow, not today » Price action: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (NYSE: SPY) is down 2% in pre-tradeView more from Benzinga * Click here for Benzinga options trades * Oct 28 is the best trading day statistically, launch the best 6 months for S&P 500 * What will happen to the MAGA ETF if Trump lose the presidential election? (C) 2020 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Moderna received $ 1.1 billion in deposits from governments around the world for the supply of a Covid vaccine, which it marked as deferred income

(Bloomberg) – Royal Dutch Shell Plc has attempted to extricate itself from the deepest stock collapse in a quarter of a century, promising more liquidity to shareholders even as its business is rocked by climate change and the pandemic of While the promise of a 4% annual dividend increase may set Shell apart from some of its struggling peers, the Anglo-Dutch energy giant was still able to prove it was a compelling investment in a world which moves away from hydrocarbonsDespite all the emphasis on the transition to low-carbon energy, Shell’s growing payment schedule still hinges on rising oil and gas prices, with little clue as to how the company would generate sufficient liquidity if the markets did not improveEven peaking at the 51% rebound on Thursday’s dividend hike news and better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, Shell shares were still down around 60% for 2020 This week they hit the lowest levels since 1995 Company has been ‘in the niche’, admitted CEO Ben van Beurden In a painful year for Big Oil, Shell cut its dividend in April for the first time since World War II, took a record $ 17 billion depreciation charge in August and announced up to 9,000 job losses last month »We are reshaping our investment case, » said van Beurden « We have to show that we have growth in the future, but also growth right now » Shell earnings in the third quarter provided a bright spot in the gloom from the oil industry He said adjusted net income of $ 955 million that exceeds even analysts’ highest estimate, lower net debt and high cash flow. In contrast, Eni SpA in Italy and OMV AG in Austria lost money during the period, while Repsol SA and BP Plc made small profits. Yet even with the surprise increase, Shell’s dividend of 1665 cents per share is just over a third of its 2019 level And shareholders are still exposed to energy markets already weakening in the face of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic New dividend pledge depends on cut by Shell of its net debt and « without an improved path to achieve it, » said Alastair Syme, petroleum analyst at Citigroup Inc. « Investors are entirely dependent on the macroeconomic recovery » The ‘world-class investment case’ promised by van Beurden four years ago is still elusive, but for now it may be enough that Shell is simply among the best of the badEvery oil major follows a treacherous path with little margin for error Their shareholder base expects generous and reliable dividends But at the same time, companies must turn to renewables, with little evidence that they can generate returns comparable to traditional oil and gas activityBP, Shell’s closest par, also cut its dividend earlier this year and is trading at a decades-low Although the company managed to post a surprise third-quarter profit this week, it didn’t. Little indication that shareholder returns would improve anytime soon, fixing its payout and saying a resumption of share buybacks was at least a year awayFor more articles like this, please visit us at BloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2020 Bloomberg LP

Telecommunications equipment maker Nokia reported third-quarter profit that did not raise any alarms But its stock collapsed Thursday after Nokia slashed its 2020 profit outlook and shifted to a prospect 2021 worse than analysts expected

Stanley Druckenmiller reportedly said that a sweep of Democrats in the next election could prove to be a headwind for the stock market for years to come

The consolidation of the chip industry has been quite long and today Marvell joined the acquisition parade by announcing the acquisition of Inphi in a combination of stocks and cash valued at around 10 billion dollars, according to the company Marvell CEO Matt Murphy believes that by adding Inphi, a chipmaker that helps connect internal servers in cloud data centers, and then between data centers, using cabling in fiber, it will complement Marvell’s copper-based chip portfolio and give it an edge in developing future use cases where Inphi shines

A day after Amazon secured an emergency order from the Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) preventing Future Group from closing its deal to sell its retail business to Reliance Retail Ventures, the two Indian companies said they were on the right track to execute the transaction On October 25, Reliance Retail, owned by India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, said it had entered into an agreement to acquire the assets and business of Future Retail under « proper legal advice and the rights and obligations are fully applicable under Indian lawMeanwhile, in a separate October statement on February 26, billionaire Future Retail led by Kishore Biyani, the company behind brands such as Big Bazaar, Easyday and WH Smith, said Rs24,713 crore (34 billion) « would take place without hindrance and without delay »

If Joe Biden wins the 401 (K) plans, there could be a major upheaval – one that could benefit tens of millions of Americans The 401 (K) pension plan has proven to be an extremely retirement benefit popular – and profitable which is supplied by millions of small business owners across the country to their employees If Joe Biden wins, they could suffer a major upheaval – one that could benefit tens of millions of Americans. Until now the rules were pretty straightforward : Employees could contribute a pre-tax amount of their compensation for retirement and employers could match that amount up to a combined total contribution of $ 57,000 per year for those under age 50 Small business owners benefit from these plans because not only can their employees save money for retirement, the more they save, the more owners can save.But 401 (K) plans have a problem: they promote higher income This is because the more an employee earns, the more a deduction can be taken It lowers their taxable income and therefore results in the payment of less taxes So, if a person earns $ 200,000 per year and contributes 10% to a 401 (K) plan, their income would be taxed at $ 180,000 and that’s a big tax savings But if a person only earns $ 40,000 and contributes in the same way (which is harder to do given the cost of living) then their taxable income would be $ 36,000 and the amount of tax savings that she would earn would be much less because of the lower brackets The result is that people with low incomes have less incentive to save for retirement. This is also a problem for small business owners Why? Because the less your employees set aside for retirement, the more likely they are, as they age and stay with your business, to come back to you for extra help when they retire because they don’t. haven’t saved enough You can say sorry and turn them away But – if you’re like a lot of my clients (and I’ve seen this many times) you will probably have to step up somehow with some extra assistance No one wants to be in this situation Biden’s plan would reverse the 401 (K) Instead of allowing contributions to be deducted from income, people would be entitled to a refundable tax credit The plan is not fully defined and the amount of the credit has not yet been determined But let’s assume that is 26% of an employee’s contributions – the most recent figure presented So if that person contributes $ 100 during the year, they will get a $ 26 credit on the taxes she owes If she doesn’t owe that amount, she’ll receive the cash back.If you do the math (and I recommend having your accountant explain this to you), low-income people in lower tax brackets could save more on their taxes under the Biden plan because of this credit than the current pre-tax deduction they are now allowed The opposite would be the case for higher incomes Biden’s proposal is not without its critics « You are deterring these homeowners small businesses to have more of this plan, ”said Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association, to FOX Business « Not only is this unfair to these small business owners, it will reduce the likelihood that they will provide these benefits to their employees. » And this is especially serious in a difficult time like now. ”> People who work in small businesses are not saving as much as they should for their retirement, but the former vice president thinks the proposal will make things right fairer « The current tax benefits for retirement savings provide high income families with significant tax relief, while providing a limited benefit to low and middle income workers, » he says on his websiteRegardless of who you think, the point is that the current system has a big problem: people who work in small businesses don’t save as much as they should for their retirement and small businesses – which employ over 50%. of workers nationwide – are not doing enough to motivate them Only half of U.S. households have a retirement account, according to Federal Reserve study and new data from the Employment Benefit Research Institute confirms that « nearly half of all employees are concerned about the financial well-being of their household, citing saving for retirement and saving in case of an emergency as the main source of financial stress ”Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economics at the University of Our -Lady, warns that – despite the many benefits that business owners themselves gain from offering 401 (K) plans – « only 40% of workers were covered by a e retirement at their workplace in 2017 « The problem is not whether the highest paying employees will save enough I am not really worried about them The real problem is that middle and low income families do not think about the future Too many of my clients’ employees ignore their retirement benefitsIt’s possible that if it is proven that Biden’s proposals save them even more on their taxes, they would be encouraged to put more money in. side for the future Given the current status quo, I think his proposal is worth a try

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