World News – CA – « The Christmas Chronicles 2 » had Kurt Russell write a 200-page background story for Santa Claus


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In a career spanning decades and across many different eras of Hollywood, actor Kurt Russell has played a variety of roles, from action to drama to comedy. But age doesn’t seem to have diminished Russell’s commitment to his craft, even if the role doesn’t really seem to need that kind of commitment. In an interview with ComicBook. com, filmmaker Chris Columbus announced that Russell became a full-fledged method actor in his new Netflix movie ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2 as he prepared to play Santa Claus. A detailed backstory was also created for the actor’s version of Saint Nick.

The idea that you could act methodically while playing the role of a magical, immortal being who employs an army of elves and distributes gifts around the world in a single night with flying reindeer. . . strange to say the least. Despite the fantastic nature of the character, Kurt Russell was determined to do extensive homework in order to find Santa’s emotional core through his backstory.

The original film The Christmas Chronicles, released in 2018, featured Russell as a much nicer and dashing version of the jolly old Santa Claus. After a run-in with a couple of kids causes Russell’s Santa Claus to lose his sleigh and magical tools, the three embark on a breathless journey through town to retrieve the items and bring back the spirit of Christmas. Despite mixed reviews, the film managed to gain wide popularity online.

In the sequel, which will be released on Jan.. Set to debut on Netflix November, Santa Claus is meeting the kids from the previous film as well as Mrs.. . Claus (Goldie Hawn) and the elves to stop a new troublemaker from canceling Christmas forever. Given the current lull the world is in and the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to travel home for Christmas, hopefully a feel-good movie like The Christmas Chronicles 2 will help alleviate the negativity of the audience and celebrate the spirit of the holiday.

Directed by Chris Columbus, based on a script by Columbus, Matt Lieberman and Axel Gugenreedburg, The Christmas Chronicles 2 includes a main cast comprised of Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Judah Lewis, Darby Camp, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Julian Dennison and Tyrese Gibson. This message comes from the ComicBook. com.

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World News – CA – « The Christmas Chronicles 2 » had Kurt Russell write a 200-page background story for Santa Claus


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