World News – CA – Toronto Maple Leafs: TJ Brodie signing addresses dire defense need


TJ Brodie, 7th Calgary Flames, tries to catch up with Mitchell Marner, 16th Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo by Claus Andersen / Getty Images)

It didn’t go like free agency, but the Toronto Maple Leafs made a splash by signing TJ Brodie to a four-year, $ 20 million contract

It’s certainly a big investment on the right side of the blue line especially as Tyson Barrie’s trade because of the term Brodie becomes The 30-year-old was arguably the second best defenseman in the market able to play on the right side behind Alex Pietrangelo who will certainly command a bigger ticket

Those who haven’t seen Brodie were probably confused about adding a left-handed defenseman, but unlike Jake Muzzin, the former Calgary Flames defenseman prefers to play on the right side. It certainly helps that it gave him a better opportunity to play on a couple with Mark Giordano

Entering free agency, we discussed why Brodie would be a likely target given the team’s salary constraints and the past interest the team has shown in Chatham, Ont., from

At first glance, the $ 5 million cap is reasonable for Brodie, but the four-year term isn’t ideal, but that’s the price you have to pay in free agency.However, that’s the type of player the Leafs needed, as it proved difficult to find a reliable defenseman in the top four

While some are disappointed that this may take the team out of the race for Pietrangelo, this addition doesn’t come with as much of a headache It would also be unfair to compare the two players given that Pietrangelo was a fourth pick in the total in 2008 NHL Draft while Brodie was caught in the fourth round of the same draft

Brodie is capable of playing tough minutes since that’s what he’s been asked to do with the Flames and he’s capable of scoring almost 30-40 points On top of that he said he wanted the opportunity to play with Morgan Rielly and make him a better player

TJ Brodie on Morgan Rielly: « He’s similar to Gio He’s one of those guys who’s good at everything & he’s physical He’s good defensively Skillful offensively I just hope if I play with him I will will make better « 

If Brodie and Rielly end up playing together, he’s arguably the best defensive partner he’s ever played with in his career with the Leafs Honestly, for $ 500,000 more on the cap, you’ll take Brodie to play with Rielly on Cody This if you are Kyle Dubas

The Leafs general manager has said this is likely the last move the team will make in free agency and that it wouldn’t be surprising given the team would have to switch wages to make other additions. There are a lot of reasons to appreciate the decision to add Brodie but like any move we can’t properly judge what it does for the team until we see Brodie on the ice

What do you think of the addition of Brodie by the Leafs? Should the team consider other moves? Let us know in the comments below

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News from the world – CA – Toronto Maple Leafs: TJ Brodie signing fills a crying need in defense


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