World News – CA – Toronto water treatment plant turns into colorful light installation


Toronto water treatment plant transforms into colorful light installation

While a water treatment plant might not be your typical destination of choice on a beautiful Saturday night in Toronto, this weekend might be a great time to make an exception, as the The exterior of one of these installations has been totally transformed into an Art Installation

Courtesy of BigArtTO, a city-wide public art celebration offering free access to over 200 hours of temporary public artwork projected onto local buildings and monuments starting in September 26 to Dec 5, the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant at 2701 Queen E Street has been transformed into a stunning work of art called Dia de los Muertos

This weekend, check out the #BigArtTO installation « Dia de los Meurtos » by Emma Lopez and Pedro Narvaez at the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant from 6.30 p.m. For more details visit: https: // tco / E0DULJOr2W #ShowLoveTO picTwittercom / ZQiKHpztOs

Created by award-winning artists Emma Lopez and Pedro Narvaez with the help of several OCAD University students and alumni, the installation is an animated piece in honor of the indigenous, pre-Hispanic / Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead

“’Dia de los Muertos’, or ‘Day of the Dead’, is a celebration meant to honor our ancestors… its purpose is to help us find our place in the world by honoring those who have already left, and to thank them for the love and the lessons they left behind, ”Lopez said in a statement

« This is a way of using art to transform grief, by thinking of death not as a dark, dreaded, painful event, but as a part of life itself that should also be celebrated And we do, with flowers, incense, food, color and joy « 

BigArtTO visits Scarborough Southwest and Toronto-St Paul’s (November 4-7) | OCAD University https: // tco / xjGunOJPNx picTwittercom / 2kGw8gtGit

On both evenings, Lopez and Narvaez will be joined by OCAD artists and alumni: Gabriel Masewich, Rebecca Van Fraassen, Simone Northey, Peter Rahul and Mohammed Abdullah, and each artist will present their own personal visual interpretations of the concept.

« All traditions evolve, just like us, and this particular tradition is close to our hearts. We have seen it evolve over the years, » Narvaez said in a statement

« Having recently emigrated to Canada ourselves, we thought it helpful to share this very important part of ourselves and our cultural background by opening it up to dialogue and collaboration. We want to see this that this beautiful concept can inspire other artists to create, to discover what other meanings we can discover together « 

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Toronto water treatment plant transforms into colorful light installation

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RC Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto, installation art

World news – CA – Toronto water treatment plant turns into colorful light installation
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