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22 October 2020 at 19:47

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October 22, 2020 at 10:57 PM

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden clashed Thursday night in Nashville during a final delirium with a rather constructive and respectful tone that should not profoundly change the dynamic twelve days before the US presidential election

Visibly eager offers a more disciplined face, after an initial cacophonous head-to-head, the US President, lagging behind in the polls, a rival rival accused wanting to « reconfigure » the countries due to Covid-19

« Someone who is responsible for the death should not be able to remain president of the à ?? United States of America « , launched the democratic candidate, predicting » a dark winter « for the most bereaved country in the world, with more than 222,000 deaths from the coronavirus

The old politician criticized the Republican President for « still not having a plan » to stem the pandemic « There is not a single serious scientist in the world who thinks that it will disappear soon ”, he hammered, while the tenant of the White House does not cease assuring the opposite

« We are fighting it very solidly, » replied the stormy billionaire, arriving unmasked on stage in Nashville, Tennessee, three weeks after being shot positive diagnosis for coronavirus

The exchanges, while lively, were noticeably more audible than the time before, when the 77-year-old Democrat dealt with the 45th president of the à © à ?? United States, 74, of « liar », of « racist » then of « clown » « There is nothing intelligent in you », had rejected the ex-businessman

« The two candidates have clearly learned the lessons of their first debate, » said Aaron Kall, a professor at the University of Michigan and a matchmaker specialist, told AFP © residential

« A status quo after tonight’s debate will likely be seen as good news for Biden’s campaign, which enjoys a steady lead in the polls at the level. national and in the à ?? key states ”, he added, however

à ?? Donald Trump who accused him of wanting to implement the policy of « the radical left », Joe Biden recalled that he carried out sweeps during the Democratic primaries where other candidates were more anchored on the left than him

« He’s a little lost, he thinks he’s facing someone else, he’s up against Joe Biden! » « , He quipped

To avoid the cacophony, the organizers had decided this time to cut the microphone of a candidate during the first two minutes of speaking of the other for each question, on the pandemic, the racial questions, climate change or even foreign policy

Donald Trump has, as he visualized announced, asked Joe Biden to “explain himself” on allegations of corruption concerning the activities of his son Hunter in China and Ukraine, when the Democratic candidate was vice-president of Barack Obama (2009-2017)

« Joe, I think you owe the Americans an explanation, » insisted the president-candidate who has intensified in recent days his personal attacks on the integrity of his opponent, hammering, without concrete evidence, that the Biden family is a « criminal enterprise »

« You were vice president when it happened, and it never wanted to happen, » added the former real estate mogul, who had invited in the audience an ex-associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, who accuses the candidate’s son of using his last name to make « millions » abroad, with the consent of his father

à ?? referring to this guest, Donald Trump deemed his story « overwhelming » « Do not try to present yourself as an innocent baby! « , He blurted out a little later

« Never in my life have I taken a penny from a foreign source, » protested the Democrat, who has so far dodged questions on this subject by specifying himself. © cial ultra-protective of his family « It’s not true, not true », he has said on several occasions

He counter-attacked by criticizing the president for never having agreed to publish his tax explanations “What are you hiding?” he asked

Unlike previous presidentials, there will be only two barefoot this year, the outgoing president having refused a virtual duel on October 15 – a format proposed to avoid the risk of infection after his positive diagnosis in coronavirus

The candidate teams announced hours before Thursday’s face-to-face meeting that they had been found to be Covid-19 negative, Donald Trump walked away so much for exercising aboard the Air Force One presidential plane

The Plexiglas walls that had been installed on the stage to separate the two septuagenarians have finally been removed

True to his strategy, focusing on ubiquitous presence on the pitch, the US President took part in a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday night and will return to Florida on Friday

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Joe Biden, meanwhile, has been at home in Delaware since the start of the week, without any public events. After the debate, he will resume his campaign with a speech in his town of Wilmington on Friday and a trip to the island Pennsylvania key state Saturday

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Trump-Biden Debate

News from around the world – CA – Trump / Biden debate, one last round mastered without final KO



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