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Tyler Perry helps the shamed Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz and his family.

The movie mogul has nearly 100, according to The Sun. Lost $ 000 for the ex-husband and his family to spend the next six months in their 5th. 000 square foot mansion in Los Angeles.

Carl and his wife, Laura, moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles in late October, just days before they were fired from the celebrity-favored church for his « moral flaws » and « breaches of trust ». « Carl, once inseparable from Justin Bieber, later admitted he was having an affair.

« Tyler has been friends with Carl and his wife Laura for years and stays with them and their children during this difficult time, » a source told The Sun, adding that the ex-pastor has « leaned against » Tyler since his fall from grace.

The couple have been friendly for years. In 2018, the « Madea » star posted a picture of him reading Carl’s book « Own the Moment ». « The men are also represented by the same PR company.

Several allegations have surfaced since his release, suggesting that Carl withdrew from his marriage more than once.

Carl and Laura, who share three children, are said to have been in « intensive therapy » after the scandal. Continue on Dec. . 8, People Magazine reported that Carl was seeking treatment for « pastoral burnout ». « 

« He has no ill will towards the church and recognizes that they must take action to correct his missteps, » a source told the magazine.

Carl’s infidelity is said to have been a major reason for his argument with Justin and Hailey Bieber.

« Carl’s scam did irreparable harm to many people he was closely related to, including Justin and Hailey, » a source said after the news of the layoff in early November. « They were both extremely shocked and disappointed when Carl’s confession came out. « 

On Dec.. . 10, Taylor Swift announced that they would release their ninth studio album, entitled « Evermore ». « As part of their announcement, the pop star released a still from the music video for » Willow, « one of the new tracks. Swifties believes she secretly married her boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

« Can we finally admit that Taylor is a married woman? She is literally wearing a wedding dress !!! » A fan tweeted. Another fan said, « This looks like a bridal photo to me, hmm tay tay ?? »

A third commenter said, « Guys, I think she got married. This is definitely a wedding dress and the album is called #evermorealbum. « 

The comments didn’t stop. Some fans believe she’s been married or at least engaged for a while.

« Call now. #TaylorSwift and Joe got married. Could easily be a wedding dress and can’t see her ring finger on her left hand. # forever . . . forever, until the end of time, until death do us part, « explained one person. « Go one step further and say she is pregnant with a daughter, Willow. « 

While all of this could mean nothing more than fun internet chatters, Taylor is known for leaving clues about her personal and professional life in videos and photos. Maybe there is more here than you think.

According to Taylor, « evermore » is a « sister record » to « Folklore », the surprise album she released in July.

« To be clear, we just couldn’t stop writing songs. To put it more poetically, it feels like we were standing on the edge of the folkloric forest and had a choice: to turn around and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. We decided to hike deeper, « she said on Instagram. « I’ve never done this before. In the past I have always treated albums as one-time epochs and planned the next one after an album was released. « 

« Folklore was different, » she said. « When I did it, I felt less that I was leaving than that I was going back. I loved the escape I found in these imaginary / non-imaginary stories. I loved how you absorbed the dreamscapes, tragedies and epic love stories that you lost and found in your life. So I just kept writing them. « 

Chrissy Teigen beat up a Twitter critic who did not follow her social media profiles and described her as « classless ». « 

The naming came after the model reported about the change in her Twitter profile picture, which she shows on her Quibi show « Chrissy’s Court ». « It was recently announced that Quibi will be shutting down.

« I think I should change my Chrissy’s header. Goodbye Quibi, only I understood Uuuuuu, « Chrissy tweeted.

A certain user apparently insulted Chrissy by saying, « It’s official. I followed you on the IG and here . . . . At first I thought you had funny interesting stories, but now I realize that you just do EVERYTHING. Don’t obey either of them. « 

After experiencing online heat, the person said to Chrissy, « I didn’t say anything terrible about you. What you just did was really classless. « 

Ironically, the account bio states, « It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice. « This has been highlighted by several Chrissy supporters.

« 160 tweets in an hour is too many in my opinion, » the user wrote. « The way she responded, however, was completely classless. « 

Chrissy hit back, « I didn’t tweet for 3 days and then said 6 things. Lolllllll you’re weird and angry. « 

The hater quickly shared a screenshot stating there had been 160 tweets about Chrissy in the past hour. However, a fan told the troll that these were not written by Chrissy, but tweets that « contained the words Chrissy Teigen ». « 

There are tons of people in Grapevine, Texas rocking new Crocs today, all thanks to Post Malone.

While the rapper’s Post Malone x Crocs duo Max Clog II sold out within hours of its December release. 8, Posty wanted to do something nice for his former high school, so he gave a pair to every single student and faculty member there, TMZ reported.

After considering the 1. 900 students at Grapevine High School and their 100 teachers, that’s about 2. 000 custom crocs.

Grapevine High Principal Alex Fingers told the school that Post regards and wants to reward students and faculty as good « global citizens » and « good local citizens » amid the pandemic.

As he donned the new Crocs, the headmaster said, « One of our own Grapevine High School graduates, Post Malone, noticed your work and decided to give you a little something to send you right into the holiday season. « 

TMZ announced that last week a google spreadsheet was distributed across the school asking everyone to fill in their shoe size. At the time, they did not know the reason for the questionnaire. After all foot sizes were collected, the announcement was made.

Principal Fingers said Post « loves Grapevine High School and the community that raised him, and he wanted to do something to give back to the community that cared for him and enabled him to achieve the success he had. « . « 

On Dec.. . 8, Principal Fingers even tweeted pictures of the kids getting their new kicks.

Thank you @PostMalone for always giving back to your community! Your colleagues @Grapevine_HS Mustangs are so proud of your success! #ThanksPosty #Posty picture. Twitter. com / a71tqvEAAO

« Thank you @PostMalone for always giving back to your community! » Principal Fingers wrote. « Your @ Grabevine_HS Mustangs are so proud of your success! #ThanksPosty #Posty. « 

With one of the few schools in the country currently open, the shoes have reportedly been distributed as safely as possible.

On Dec.. . 8, Louisville Public Radio DJ Kyle Meredith posted a photo of the pop star’s show. The front features Taylor’s cats – Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button – which were included in their Folklore album cover. The cats look festive as one wears a scarf, another wears a Santa hat, and another wears a traditional party hat with a cocktail near his paw.

« I wish you a time full of wonderful moments that will become folklore, » it says on the inside of the card. « Love, Taylor Swift and everyone at 13 management. « 

Getting a Christmas card from @ taylorswift13 is a great way to start the season. And cats in Christmas hats make it even better. image. Twitter. com / bJoFcTnhbX

The Christmas greeting comes as Taylor re-records her older music after being denied the opportunity to ever buy the master recordings of her first six albums. On Dec. . 2, an early hearing of « Love Story » was released as part of a match. com commercial.

Last year the « Betty » singer was furious after her former record label Big Machine Records sold what she called a « worst-case scenario » to Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. « This sale included Taylor’s master recordings. Then, last month, Scooter sold the rights to her Masters to a mutual fund.

« As you know, I have been actively trying to get my master recordings back over the past year. With this goal in mind, my team tried to start negotiations with Scooter Braun, « she said on social media in November. 16. « The Scooter team wanted me to sign an ironclad NDA stating that I would never say a word about Scooter Braun again unless it was positive, before we could even look at BMLG’s financial records (whatever is the first step in making a purchase of this type. I would have to sign a document that would silence me forever before I even had a chance to bid on my own work. « 

The NDA’s wording, she said, resembled someone trying to « silence an attacker by paying them off. « . « She claimed, » this was the second time my music was sold without my knowledge. « 

Taylor wrote a letter to her Masters’ new owner, Shamrock Holdings. In this letter she was open about her plans to take on her Masters again.

Over the weekend, just days after he came out publicly gay, the Real Housewives of Orange County star took to Instagram to post a photo in a gorgeous black dress. She then invited her supporters and haters to comment on that particular photo so she could keep the judgmental thoughts in one place.

« Okay, you all have a ton of opinions about what’s going on in my life. Instead of writing them on a cute Santa photo with the kids, you can write them here . . . . get it out and then we can move on, « she said.

Braunwyn, 43, shot back quickly: « Tamra was the only person from Rhoc who was there for me. « 

Of Tamra, Braunwyn continued: « She knew I was sober and kept it to herself. She knew we were struggling with our daughters’ mental health problems and listened. It got me through a day so tough I was shaking physically. Whatever you think you know, you don’t. . « 

The fact that the current and former Housewives stars are close together is nothing new. Braunwyn talked about Tamra on the popular reality TV show, and the women are often spotted together on social media.

It seems former « Housewives » star Meghan King is there for Braunwyn too as she cheekily commented on the pic of the weekend.

« Ugh, I hate it when people ruin my cute posts with unrelated opinions about my life! » wrote Meghan. « By the way, you look like a massive b – here and I’m here for it !!!!! »

Braunwyn, a mother of seven, was the talking point of the Bravo franchise last week after becoming the first Housewives star to be publicly gay.

« It feels so good to finally live my truth. I’m a lesbian, « she said on Instagram. « At 43 I was finally able to accept that part of myself and I realized that there are no rules as to when someone should come out. This is my time. « 

Natalie Portman has been known to the public for nearly 30 years, but her young fame and the film industry in general have had a lasting impact on her intimate development.

While chatting with Dax Shepard on his Armchair Expert podcast, the actress spoke on Leon: The Professional about getting into the industry at the age of 12 playing a girl who played with you Assassin lived together.

The film was a hit, but Natalie’s newfound fame « didn’t allow for the full expression of who I was at the time, » she said.

Over the years, the now 39-year-old Oscar winner has largely been classified as extremely conservative. She did that to protect herself.

« Being sexualized as a kid took away my own sexuality because I was scared, » she said. « So many people had this impression of me that as I got older I was very serious, prudish, and conservative. I deliberately cultivated this because it made me feel safe. If someone respects you, they won’t objectify you. « 

Since her big hiatus in 1994, Natalie has played big roles in a number of very popular films such as « Star Wars », but she has also played some troubled characters, notably in « Black Swan » and « Beautiful Girls ». « In 1997 she was offered the role of Lolita in the film of the same name. She refused because of the sexual content. In the film, Lolita is kidnapped as a child and romantically involved with her kidnapper. Natalie didn’t want her real life to be compared to the character, she said why she passed the gig,

After that, she even turned down other roles that included love scenes or kisses.

« At this age you have your own sexuality and you have your own desires and you want to explore things . . . but you don’t necessarily feel safe, « she said. « They’re building these fortresses. « 

Dax noted that other child stars like Miley Cyrus or Bella Thorne had other avenues as they had clear Disney roles but later shared their thoughts on sexuality in a very public way.

A funny, harmless and seemingly unfounded theory has once again shrouded Piers Morgan, who denies ever having appeared in the film « Home Alone 2 ». « 

On Dec.. . 7, a fan posted a meme that shows a picture of Piers and the « dove woman » from the movie side by side. « I’m not saying Piers Morgan is the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone 2, but have you ever seen her in the same room at the same time, » the meme says.

This is too funny 😂🙊 now I can’t see or think about it @piersmorgan pic. Twitter. com / n5S3Pd9nDz

On Dec.. . 8 on Good Morning Britain, Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid expressed his resemblance to Brenda Fricker, the Oscar-winning actress who played the role.

« Can we look at ‘Home Alone 2’ because honestly it’s the best picture, » said Susanna. « Because a lot of people see Home Alone 2 and wonder if it’s you. « 

A nervous Piers shot back, « Why does this keep happening? It’s not me. I’m not the pocket lady in ‘Home Alone 2. ‘ »

Susanna then shared a Twitter photo of Piers with pigeons that was taken while hosting « Good Morning Britain » in 2018.

« We have proof that you are the bird lady, » she said. « Everywhere you go you attract the pigeons. « 

After the play was shown on camera, a London-based media organization compared Piers to Brenda. On Twitter, he commented with angry emojis.

The comparison « home alone » has appeared for several years. In fact, Piers’ own son tweeted about it in 2018.

« Chilled night at Home Alone 2. Always forget you’re with @piersmorgan, « Spencer Morgan wrote on Twitter.

Blac Chyna scored a huge victory over the cancellation of « Rob & Chyna » in her three year legal battle against the Kardashian family. « 

Page 6 reported on Dec.. . 7 that a judge ordered Bunim / Murray Productions, the company behind the now defunct reality show, to hand over unreleased footage from season two of « Rob & Chyna ». « 

Chyna’s attorney claims that footage captured during Rob Kardashian’s engagement shows him supporting her after she underwent medical procedure. According to page 6, the judge also ruled that the production company had 45 days to hand over unreleased footage from « Keeping Up With The Kardashians, » which was filmed in March 2017. The footage allegedly shows the former couple talking about their daughter Dream’s parenting.

Chyna sued the entire Kardashian family in 2017 after splitting up with Rob. « Rob & Chyna » was coming to an end soon. Afterward, Chyna claimed the Kardashian family had tarnished their reputation and torpedoed « Rob & Chyna » by influencing their influence on E! network. The Kardashian family, their lawyer claimed, disrupted Chyna’s « highly lucrative contract » with E !, and their « illegal interference » led to the show’s end. The Kardashian family claim « Rob & Chyna » was canceled because the duo broke up. Plus, the show had lackluster ratings when compared to other Kardashian spin-offs.

A few months after the lawsuit, a judge dismissed Kim Kardashian West and Kris Jenner from the case.

« We did not appeal this motion to the court because the footage has no bearing on the case, » Rob’s attorney Marty Singer told Page 6. « However, we requested Blac Chyna’s OnlyFans footage and she refused to release that footage for us. « 

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