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As Thomas Paine said in 1776, « These are the times when the souls of men are being tested. And so it is today. There is an eerie silence in every corner of the country as the nation waits to see what will emerge from these elections. Too many questions, too many cases of foul play, too many people telling horror stories, too many alienated voters, too many states that have gone their own way. All from six states that happen to be battlefield states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin.

A new report on the election has just been released, The Navarro Report. It is a comprehensive report that found that six states were involved in most, if not all, of the irregularities. They discovered clear cases of outright fraud, mishandling of ballot papers, contestable litigation fouls, violations of the equal protection clause, irregularities in voting machines and significant statistical anomalies. The account includes reports in all six states of excessive voter turnout that at times exceeds 100%.

The report claims that the observed patterns of electoral irregularities « . . . are so consistent across the six battlefield states that they propose a coordinated strategy to, if not steal the election, strategize the electoral process in such a way that the pitch is unjustifiably tilted in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket. ”

The report states: “This was a theft by a thousand cuts in six dimensions and six battlefield states and not a single election irregularity. ”

The one dimension that was not mentioned in the report was the one that made so much fraud possible … a manufactured pandemic. Democrats revel in this pandemic and take full advantage of it. They seem to love the distraction, chaos, tyranny and control that they wield and watch millions of people lose their livelihoods and the middle class is destroyed. And they keep it alive and don’t announce any changes even after the vaccine is launched. They regularly ignore their own instructions and know the flimflam they created for over 99. 8% of people. Oh how intoxicating is the power they wield. They used it to fight for and obtain millions of postal ballot papers that eventually floated in all directions. The Democrats probably can’t believe their luck and how stupid their opposition is to allow such a system, especially when every state already had a postal voting system.

Many of us, probably the majority of this nation, have realized that this election was stolen and had foreign influence before this report was published. It has been corrupted by an establishment that totally disregarded We The People and the United States Constitution. They want what they want, have skin and rice bowls involved, and are determined to have choices their own way. The people are damned.

With the exception of the majority of legal voters, President Trump has few institutions on his side. That is to be expected because so many of these institutions are so thoroughly corrupt. The perpetrators, the traitors, are currently deeply hidden in the media, bureaucracy, big tech and the Democratic Party, which is hiding in the swamp, or is it a polluted ocean? They will propagate against Donald Trump around the clock, as they did every day of his candidacy and presidency, and never give him a moment of peace. For them, Trump is a man who suspects too much. The established order will never recognize an outsider, a man who owes no favors. President Trump must ignore their battle of indignation. And now, with their legendary audacity, the Democrats are demanding unity and that we forget their theft. It’s akin to the most vicious kind of political melodrama while we wait for the traitors to get their comeuppance, a divine frenzy.

As is typical of democratic political moves, they often go too far. This time they went over the cliff in their determination to get rid of Trump. In their eagerness to remove this president, they planned and carried out a coup d’état and committed treason. They have made the naive people among them complicit in the same capital crime. The Democrats have also shown that their accomplices, Antifa and BLM, will burn towns down if a court or congressional action attempts to reverse the election. For a party used to doing shakedowns, this is the most outrageous act of blackmail in U.. . S.. . story.

Our founders prepared us for such an event. It’s called the Insurrection Act and Martial Law. If the counting of the votes on 6. January does not change what has been done so wrongly to the American people, and if no honor is found, we will urge President Trump to invoke insurgency law and declare martial law. We will also ask that all patriots stand behind him. This will have little effect on the citizen, but it will remove the cloak that the traitors are hiding behind. As soon as there are arrests, these conspirators will sing like birds and go all the way to the top.

People are protected. Indeed, this action will protect the people of this nation from an active enemy within who is determined to destroy our nation as established. We cannot allow a corrupt, unethical, depraved group of political activists to take control of this nation. No news media coverage of a Biden win will get it right. Corruption has become mainstream. The cancer has metastasized. Ronald Reagan said, “The price of freedom is high, but never as expensive as the loss of freedom. ”

To all officials willing to buy our slavery for their safety, we say, go to hell.

Ray DiLorenzo is a professional pilot who has retired after 22 years as a contract fire service pilot with the California Department of Forestry (Cal-Fire). . He is currently a member of the Stand Up America US Foundation founded by Maj. gene. . Paul E.. . Vallely (Ret).

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World News – CA – Insurrection & Martial Law Ignoring The Gauntlet


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