World news – CA – USMNT players wear vests with messages during the anthem


U-O players stopped the men’s national team while the national anthem was playing ahead of Thursday’s friendly with Wales, but they are still taking the moment to admit to the many protests against the national anthem

Walk to the field to line up, Yus. Each player wore jackets over their shirts with « Be Change » written on the front and had different player-choice messages across the back of it (a full list of messages can be found here) then the initiating players closed their arms during the chant The whole time, the players from both sides were kneeling for a moment before taking the first kick.

Yus midfielder Tyler Adams indicated that the team will do something earlier in the week, saying on Monday, « We just want to keep educating people about what’s going on and what’s going on constantly. The most important part is going forward, so I think there will be. » Something we do on match day but the internal discussions were great within the team to support each other and share each other’s beliefs. ”

Thursday’s match was the first national team match for any senior team since U-o-S Football members voted to cancel the federation policy requiring players to stand for the national anthem after George Floyd was killed by Minnesota Police It was placed after Megan Rapinoe kneels down to show support for the peaceful protest of Colin Kaepernick in 2016 while there is no US men’s player kneeled Thursday, and was not outside some of the mandates requiring the team to stand

“The U-o affirms the Football Association that the issue of black lives is important, and we support the fight against racial injustice,” Yus and Football wrote in a statement in June “The UC Football Board voted yesterday afternoon to cancel the 604-1 policy , Which requires our players to stand up during the national anthem, this policy was put in place after Megan Rapinoe knelt in solidarity with the peaceful protest inspired by Colin Kaepernick, who was protesting police brutality and the systematic crackdown of blacks and people of color in America. It became clear that this policy was wrong and detracted from the important message black life is important

“We did not do enough to listen – especially to our players – to understand and acknowledge the real and meaningful experiences of blacks and other minority communities in our country. We apologize to our players – especially our black players – the staff, fans and everyone who supports the elimination of racism. Sport is a powerful platform for good, and we did not use our platform. As effectively as we should, we can do more on these specific issues and we will

“It must come to our players, and they will continue to do so, to determine the best way to use their platforms to fight all forms of racism, discrimination and inequality. We are here for our players and ready to support them in enhancing their efforts to achieve social justice. We cannot change the past, but we can make a difference in the future. We are committed to these change efforts, and will implement supportive actions in the near future. ”

Protests and demonstrations spread to the national anthem and pre-match club-wide in the United States and around the world following the murder of Floyd in late May, many NWSL players kneel for the national anthem throughout the Summer Challenge Cup, while MLS Black Players for Change staged a powerful performance early in the year. MLS Is Back in Europe, clubs routinely kneel at the start whistle as a sign of unity

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World News – CA – USMNT players wear jackets with messages during the anthem


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