World news – CA – Victor Oladipo reportedly asked the opponent’s players « Can I play with all of you? »


It seems to be a not well kept secret that Victor Oledipo wants to get out of Indiana

According to a new report, Oladipo was openly asking players in other teams if it would be a good idea to play with them next season. He was also not shy. He was also asking other players in front of his teammates in the middle of the match, J Report Michael from Indy Star

He reportedly asked players from Raptors, Heat, and Knicks if he could play with them next season.

“It happened versus the Toronto Raptors. It happened versus the Miami Heat. It happened versus the New York Knicks.

This is what Victor Oladipo said – in front of his fellow Indiana Pacers teammates – adding to the excitement with the star keeper in the locker room, according to three league sources with first-hand knowledge of the situation to IndyStar Aaron Turner, Oladipo’s agent, did not respond to requests. Comment « 

Welb looks like his days in Indiana can be numbered Oladipo said he doesn’t necessarily want to leave Indiana for his Instagram Live session with Fat Joe, but says he just wants to win

And see, everyone understands that. NBA jobs are limited. These guys can’t play forever and have limited windows to win tournaments

But, however, that’s kind of rude. Besides, are you KNICKS ?! Really, in you? Raptors and Hit are fine but the Knicks are the Knicks

It’s also clear that, if that’s true, Olibo is totally tired of the Pacers because that’s the only way you might want to play for the Knicks

Shish Ma this mess Hopefully, for everyone, this doesn’t end in a terrible way with the way things are going, it’s hard to see how things aren’t going

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World News – California – Victor Oladipo reportedly asked opposing players « Can I come to play with you? »  »


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