. World News – CA – Wheel of Fortune’s Pat Sajak apologizes for yelling at a candidate. & calls him « ungrateful ».


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We are finally in the home stretch so that this terrible year 2020 comes to an end. Even Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak lost it, claiming he « had it » with the participants on the show and blew up one of them . . . somehow. A candidate named Darin McBain solved a puzzle for things starting with the word « kitchen » in November. 24 broadcast. He got « cupboard, oven, towels, sink », but made a snappy remark: « Kitchen stove? What was that? Who calls it a kitchen stove? » And Pat didn’t have it!

« Yeah, where else would you keep an oven? » Pat shot back when Darin replied, « Sure in the kitchen, but who calls it a » kitchen stove? «  » With a somewhat clever Aleck tone. « You won. Do not quarrel, in it! You have the riddle, « a frustrated sounding Pat told him, moving his arms in frustration.

The voice of the 74-year-old became even more emotional and said: “Ungrateful players! I got it! ”And seemed to slap his hand on the rail in front of him for a dramatic effect. But it was all very fun when his voice quickly dropped to its normal, soft hosting tone and said, « No, I’m just teasing. I finally caught it! “

When the round was finally over, Pat apologized and said, « I’m sorry I yelled at you, Darin. I just don’t remember your mother causing us such problems. Candidate’s mother Darin was a three-day champion on the show in 1982, a year after Pat hosted the Wheel of Fortune.

Fans at home loved Pat’s momentary loss of composure. User @ russian98 tweeted the video and wrote: “Oh my god
@patsajak almost lost it with this guy #WheelOfFortune. « Viewer @ Sjladuke75Susan told Pat to relax and tweet. « I thought I was the only one questioning that answer to the ‘kitchen stove’. Pat acts like he’s paying out the money. #ChillPat #DarinsRight #KitchenOven. « User @ericharley laughed at the whole device name brouhaha and tweeted, » Cooking in my kitchen stove. « But I am seriously considering a living room stove. Thanks for the idea, @patsajak! Happy Thanksgiving everyone !! ”

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World News – CA – Pat Sajak of the Wheel of Fortune apologizes for yelling at a candidate. & calls him « ungrateful »

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