World News – CA – Who is Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s announced candidate for Energy Secretary?


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On the surface, Jennifer Granholm’s life story is no different from that of many people in this country. The daughter of immigrants, she was the first in her family to attend college and study abroad in France before starting her career in Detroit as a wife and mother of three. But the woman who was announced as the next energy secretary under the Biden administration has been a trailblazer.

« She is absolutely remarkable, » her husband Dan Mulhern told the Ludington Daily News when she ran for Michigan attorney general. « Sometimes I ask myself, » Why did God or the natural pool give someone so much talent? « 

Granholm, a Harvard University attorney, was the youngest person to serve as a management consultant for Wayne County before becoming Michigan’s first female attorney general and then Michigan’s first female governor. During her two terms in office, Granholm attempted to steer the state known for automobile manufacturing towards alternative energy and, according to her official biography, paved the way for 85. 000 jobs created last year by 40 clean energy companies. Their website also promotes an executive policy requiring the development of a nationwide plan for environmental justice.

Reports of their selection were a relief to many who were concerned about a candidate with ties to large fossil fuel companies or other special interests. Granholm was involved in several democratic political action committees and even helped then-vice-presidential candidate Biden prepare the debate. He is closely associated with the party and has reportedly been previously considered for the position. At the time, she said her criticism of Republicans would make it difficult for her to sell confirmatory hearings.

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« I know there was an investigation, » Granhom told Platts Energy Week at the time. « But all I can tell you, after watching these confirmation hearings over the past few weeks, is if you think it was difficult to confirm Hail, someone who ran a progressive talk show last year, and probably a few Republicans in the Eye, probably some of the Republicans who might cast a vote might be a little difficult for me. But I’ll do all sorts of things that are served outside for sure. « 

And she did. After leaving office, Granholm joined the California Institute for Energy and Environment, the Berkeley Center for Information Technology Research, and the Clean Energy Program of the Pew Charitable Trusts as a Senior Research Fellow. The Meet the Press-Regular also led a 30-state research project with multiple universities that focused on advanced manufacturing tasks in clean energy. Perhaps now is the time for them to serve from within.

The Department of Energy has passed two new rules to ease the restrictions on water and energy consumption.

The company has pledged to cut its emissions, but activists are asking if they will go far enough.

Jennifer Granholm, Joe Biden, United States Secretary of Energy, Michigan Governor

World News – CA – Who is Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s announced candidate for Energy Secretary?
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