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If you have feelings for someone and they don’t know about them, try leaving a few pointers. Most likely they are on the same emotional wavelength and have feelings for you too. So get the ball rolling and see where it goes!

You need to put all angry thoughts aside and focus on the good in those around you. It doesn’t matter what anyone said about you in the past, you can still have a decent relationship with them now.

Try not to get nervous if someone whose life choices are not what you want decides to ignore your advice and do their own thing. They are just as right to follow a path that feels right to them as you have to go your own way.

You need to drop the mask you were wearing and let those around you know exactly how you are feeling about what is going on. And if your views on the situation stir things up a little, that’s good – the world needs people who like to create chaos.

Make it a goal for yourself to spend time with partners and loved ones this week. You may be busy right now, but it is by no means more important than letting the people you are closest to know how much you care about them.

You have no intention of being unhappy just because you want to do some things that you cannot do. Others can scream and yell and make a scene if they wish, but you know the best way to react is to calmly slide over it all.

Sometimes it pays to change the way you do things, and tweaking your work routine this week can make a huge difference in how much you get done. Don’t just adapt when you are forced to adapt, but change quickly and get on with the game.

Venus, planet of personal love, connects with Neptune, planet of universal love, and if you are willing to be honest with others about how you feel, you can work together to bring more harmony to the world. Cooperation is more profitable than confrontation.

Sometimes you move so fast that you forget how useful it can be to relax and make things easier. Do you have to rush here, there and everywhere now? No you don’t, so be kind to yourself and slow things down for a while.

You might be in a fun mood right now, but some of your friends are feeling a little too down to join your games. That’s okay. Don’t try to force them. Just be a good example and remind them how easy it can be to smile.

If you want to rise in the world, you need to put more effort into impressing employers and senior co-workers. Show them that you are not the type waiting to be told what to do. Take the initiative and make good things happen.

Neptune, your ruler, is teaming up with Venus so that this week the best parts of your nature – your kindness, your generosity, your empathy – will be on display. You are of course not a saint, but you have something special. It is your mission to bring love to the world.

Too many times in the past you have been content to join the world without a care, but in the coming year you will feel an urgent desire to use the talents you were born with to make a difference in the world effect. Be a catalyst for change.

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Horoscope, 6. December

World news – CA – Your daily horoscope: 6. December
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Your daily horoscope: 6. December

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