World news – california – a sick swan takes a ride on the New York City subway after being saved by the Good Samaritan


New York – New Yorkers aren’t fussed over unusual things, so riding a swan on the train was just another day on the subway

However, it was a matter of life or death of a dumb swan, found by a Samaritan Jade, carrying the 17-pound bird from Queens to the Upper West Side Animal Clinic, WNBC reports. It was a 23-mile trip by bike, car and train

The swan, now nicknamed Bay, was found in a wildlife sanctuary in Jamaica Bay on Thursday by Ariel Cordova-Rojas, the TV station reported.

A woman who received proper training noticed the strange behavior of a bird and made it her mission to conduct a very urban rescue https: // tco / DfHd9nZUN4

The Cordova-Rojas was at a bike shelter and hiking when I noticed the only adult swan that could barely move

“I couldn’t leave it there,” Cordova Rogas told WABC “I approached very slowly, putting on my jacket, to throw his body and head”

The swan tried to move its wings and made a whisper, but Cordova-Rojas said it managed to wrap the coat around the animal and catch it, the New York Times reported

“You can’t simply walk to a swan and expect to be fine,” Cordova-Rojas told WNBC. “They would try to bite, they would try to do some wing movement to get you away from them, but it didn’t.”

Now what? The Cordova Rojas was a mile off her bike and a long road from any animal clinics.

“Well, I am carrying a swan,” Cordova Rojas told The Times, “I have no idea what to do I think I’ll just walk”

That was when I met Brooklyn resident Josh Spector, who was also at the shelter, who told the newspaper that the sight of a woman walking with a bird confused him.

« Is this actually her pet while she walks here? » Spector told the newspaper, he added that he and a friend had considered indifference away from the scene « another crazy thing in New York, but decided not to. »

Cordova-Rojas has worked at the Wild Bird Fund on the Upper West Side for years, so I knew what to do. Getting there was a problem

“I knew exactly where to go, but the way to get has been a big problem since I got on my bike,” she told WNBC.

WABC reported that some drivers stopped to take the Cordova-Rojas and the bird to the subway station. Cordova Rojas and the Swan were in one car, while her bike was in the other car

They all headed to the Howard Beach subway station, where a man, an metropolitan transport employee, helped Cordova-Rojas get her bike and the swan to the platform and then board the A-train, The Times

Cordova-Rojas puts the swan at the end of a long bench. She called her friends and former colleagues at the Wild Bird Fund and asked them to meet her

« Meanwhile, there are a few people on the train and nobody seems to be bothered, » Cordova Rojas told The Times, she said, one of the men was « sitting directly in front of me and he’s on his phone just. I don’t even know if he noticed. » Having a swan in front of him « 

“Nobody really cares because this is New York City and you see wild things every day,” Cordova Rojas told WNBC

Staff at the Wild Bird Fund have determined that the bird is slightly underweight, and tests have also detected signs of lead poisoning, The Times reported. The newspaper reported that the bird is undergoing treatment on Tuesday and will be re-evaluated within a few weeks.

Cordova Rojas, who turned 30 the day after the swan was found, was happy to save the bird

“This was kind of the perfect coronation for my twenties,” Cordova Rojas told The Times, “It was the perfect birthday present to be in nature and be able to save a life”

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World News – California – A sick swan rides the New York City subway after being rescued by the Good Samaritan


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