World news – California – Canada allows people with depression to make mushrooms


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The Canadian government allows non-terminally ill patients to legally consume narcotic mushrooms, following the Oregon decision to give people access to mushrooms for therapeutic reasons.

Mona Strelev, 67-year-old woman living in Victoria, B.. C. , She said she was given an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act allowing her to consume mushrooms to treat ongoing trauma.

“I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction for years,” Strelaeff wrote in an email to VICE World News. “While being treated with psilocybin, I delved deep into, as I was a little girl and all those things that happened to me. All unresolved shocks have returned, and I was so terrified, shivering uncontrollably, and crying.  ». .

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms, is illegal to produce, possess, and sell in Canada; Usually the only exception is for supported research purposes.

But this summer, the Canadian Department of Health granted exemptions for people with deadly diseases, allowing them to own and consume mushrooms.. This was followed by a Strelaeff dispensation earlier this month, paving the way for more bedroom-based treatments, according to TheraPsil, a non-profit advocating for drug therapy in Canada’s end-of-life care..

« Our mission is to help Canadians who need access to medicinal psilocybin, » TheraPsil CEO Spencer Hawkswell told VICE World News. We started with the Canadians for a number of reasons. The first is that you have the right to die in Canada, so you definitely must have the right to try psilocybin. The second was that they did not have time to wait. We identified some dying Canadians who had weeks or months to live. We had to help them first.

Strelife told VICE World News that she experienced « an intense sense of hopelessness and depression » while recovering from a breast cancer that was diagnosed 12 years ago (she has since recovered from the cancer).

Some of this trauma was related to her cancer, while others resulted from repressed material from childhood.

With psilocybin treatment, “I invaded those difficult memories and after a while I realized . . . I’m not afraid of Jack (shit), « she said.

Mona Streliff, center, with her therapist, left, and TheraPsil founder Bruce Tobin, right. Image provided by TheraPsil

Recent clinical research has shown that psilocybin shows promise in treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD.. Strelaeff received treatment in November. 5, along with her therapist, Bruce Tobin of TheraPsil, A.. C. Clinical psychiatrist.

The latest exemption for psilocybin is arriving in Canada following major drug changes. In November. 3, Oregon voted to legalize psilocybin-assisted therapy statewide while Washington, Dr.. C. Vote to decriminalize mushrooms. Last month, yo. K. Narcotic-based company Compass Pathways rang the ceremonial opening bell on the Nasdaq, after. s. a. That the company has valued over 1 billion USD. Compass’s work is based on the use of patented psilocybin derivatives to treat a range of ailments, with a focus on treatment-resistant depression..

Hawkswell said TheraPsil has been « inundated with requests » since August, and has already applied for additional exemptions, which would allow (healthy) physicians and therapists to take psilocybin for training purposes..

By January, TheraPsil intends to launch its first legal training program for physicians and therapists looking to practice anesthetic therapy. While the « luxury boom » is attracting major investment from for-profit pharmaceutical companies like Compass, Hawkswell asserts that TheraPsil will be able to maintain its non-profit status and provide treatment within Canada’s overall healthcare system..

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World News – California – Canada allows people with depression to consume narcotic mushrooms
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Canada allows people with depression to consume narcotic mushrooms


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