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In celebration of GIS Day, the University’s Libraries and the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) have partnered to help increase awareness of and access to the ArcGIS Online platform.

ArcGIS is a Geographic Information System (GIS) for working with maps and geographic information. It is used to create and use maps, aggregate data, analyze images and other geospatial data, co-discover geographic information, usage maps and geographic information in a range of applications and manage geographic information in a database.. The system provides an infrastructure for creating maps and geographic information throughout an organization or community, and openly to the web.

University of Arkansas faculty, students, and staff may request an ArcGIS Online account by visiting the ArcGIS Online page within the GIS Directory for Libraries and filling out the application form. CAST currently manages and manages all U of A ArcGIS user accounts and licenses.

“We are very pleased to be able to work with CAST to help enhance the availability and use of the ArcGIS Online platform,” said Stephanie Pierce, Head of the Physics Library and Curator of the Earth Science Library. «  Faculty, students, and staff have access to so many different programs and technologies that it is sometimes difficult to know what is available.. Through this collaboration, we hope that more members of the university community will be able to participate and collaborate on unique GIS projects.

Jason Tolles, Professor of Earth Sciences, played a pivotal role in facilitating this collaboration and helping to promote awareness of the program. According to Tollis, geospatial studies and GIS are interdisciplinary applicable.

Tolles said, “the flag of place” represents very interesting frontiers with no end in sight.. “Geospatial / location / GIS technologies are all around us, but how do we interact with them? We must effectively build our capacity to understand and search for space, improve economic opportunities for everyone, and support the functional health of the spaces around us..

Geographic Information Systems Day is an international celebration of geographic information systems technology. Its goal is to provide education in geography and to show real-world applications of geographic information systems used around the world to study and address societal concerns in order to improve and understand the world around us.. For more information about ArcGIS Online and the accounts, please contact Brian Culpepper at rculpepp @ ​​uark. Edo.

Stephanie Pierce, Earth Science Librarian

University libraries

479-575-448, spierc @ uark. Edo

Kelsey Lovewell Lybard, Director of Public Relations

University libraries

475-575-72, klovewel @ uark. Edo

Ethan Douglas, a 2017 kinesiology graduate, uses a bit of code to turn data into insights and numbers into strategy, from making better cars to graphing how NFL teams are performing in competition.

The Rose Law Firm created the award to promote and provide experiential opportunities for U of A School of Law students through free public service and interest.

A project designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects recently received a Design Education Facilities Award from the American Institute’s Architecture for Education Commission..

Winners of the second round of the Fall Funding Contests include Alison Bliss, Manuel Olmedo Gopante, Valandra, Nipa Evans and Guillermo Bobo Burnett.

Are you interested in spending Summer 2 2021 in England? Consider getting 6 hour credit in advance to do so by studying Medieval England.

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World News – California – Celebrate GIS Day with ArcGIS
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