World news – California – Taylor Lautner will not be returning in the new installment of « Sharkboy & Lavagirl »


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On Wednesday, Netflix showed the first official photos of « We Can Be Heroes, » an independent sequel to 2005’s « The Adventures of Sharkboy » and Lavagirl..

As original star Taylor Dooley returned to reprise her role as Lavagirl, fans were quick to notice that « Twilight » star Lautner, who originally played Shark Boy, was nowhere to be seen..

The new movie sees the return of Lavagirl and Sharkboy as parents, with the role of actress Vivienne Lyra Blair in Brid Box. .

But on Twitter, fans were unimpressed by the idea of ​​Lautner losing the movement.

Wait until Taylor Lautner isn’t back as Sharkboy? And that’s why they gave a helmet to the new actor’s pic. Twitter. com / cRCEJyZQZK

I’m sorry but Taylor Lautner will always be Shark Boy and Netflix should do everything possible to get him out of the cave where he’s hiding. I want the full 2005 nostalgia experience! Pic. Twitter. com / LCGjZp8Znj

Now what Taylor Lautner was doing and was so important that he couldn’t help us get back our childhood for a second https: // t. co / F9460lYswI

You went to Taylor Lautner ???? s IG and ITAS to give the unemployed. Why couldn’t he appear as a Shark Boy and Lava Girl?. Twitter. com / nWSDCq9iXv

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World news – CA – Taylor Lautner Isn’t Coming Return for a new sequel to « Sharkboy & Lavagirl »


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