. . World news – California – The Royal Victoria Regional Health Center prepares to open a field hospital for epidemics in Barrie, Ontario.


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The Royal Victoria Regional Health Center cut the ribbon at the Field Hospital Epidemic Control in Barrie, Ontario. The boycott continues in the second wave of COVID-19.

The 8,250-square-foot, 70-bed structure is supposed to be a regional asset to partner hospitals with capacity challenges, such as Collingwood General and Maritime Hospital, Georgian Bay General Hospital, Muskoka Algonquin Health and Aurelia Soldiers Memorial Hospital Stephenson Memorial.

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A field hospital is being built at RVH in Barrie, Ontario. To prepare for the second wave of the Coronavirus

A professional and fully-equipped field hospital is not a unit for COVID patients but for medically stable patients with an estimated stay of three to five days.

The Pandemic Response Unit will open in phases, starting in late November, according to community needs.

« RVH is well trained and well prepared to respond to this pandemic, » Janice Scott, RVH President and CEO, said in a statement.. . “We have staff, supplies, equipment, expertise and, now, the capacity of beds to care for patients from all over the region.

RVH Field Hospital was set up with guidance and support from the Ontario government, which recently provided $ 12. 3 million in new operating financing. The funding will allow RVH to open an additional 99 beds, including 70 for the Field Epidemiology Hospital..

« Investing in the new Epidemic Response Unit at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center will help increase hospital capacity and reduce wait times for patients and families in Simcoe Muskoka and beyond, » Ontario Ministry of Health Christine Elliott said in a statement..

“Together, we are ensuring that our healthcare system is able to respond to the second and future waves of COVID-19.

The President and CEO of Georgian Bay General Hospital, Jill Hunt, said the availability of extra beds at RVH means patients can end their recovery in a fully functioning field hospital and safely return home when they are ready..

RVH Chair Charlotte Wallis said in a statement: « (The Epidemic Response Unit) is an insurance policy in the face of a highly uncertain and unpredictable future. ». .

“RVH is well prepared and ready to work with our regional partners to ensure that all residents of the area receive the care they need close to home..

Simcoe County Health Unit, Bari, Simcoe Muskoka Health District

World News – California – The Royal Victoria Regional Health Center will open a field hospital for epidemic control in Bari, Ontario.
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