World News – California – This is why Kelly Clarkson has an eye patch on « The Voice »


Kelly Clarkson has always been a trendsetter when it comes to her fashion sense, from her casual style during her early days on American Idol to her latest red carpet glamor look however, it’s her latest accessory that fans are already talking about in November. 9, The Voice Judge posted a picture of her on Instagram where she was wearing an eye patch. Keep reading to find out why, and for more Hollywood news today, discover the story behind the ABC Sitcom Star stopping and calling it a « toxic environment »

“Something happened in my eye and it got a little bit infected, so I have to wear an eye patch,” Clarkson explained on Instagram.

But apparently taking the stance a step in October, Clarkson joked about her eye patch with Common on her talk show « I’m sorry I look like a pirate I hurt my eyes and I’ve got to wear it, so it’s ridiculous » « I think I’ll make it my thing »


And in her recent Instagram stories, Clarkson did just that and joked, « I feel like I can be a really great villain »

However, Clarkson admits that adapting her looks wasn’t entirely easy and she said on Instagram, « I don’t have a deep perception »

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On October 26, Dwayne Johnson, AKA The Rock, posed for a photo of himself with a bloody cut on the edge of his eyebrow on Instagram

The wrestler-turned-actor revealed that he hit himself with a chain during the rehearsal, telling the fans, “I got together and needed stitches.” However, it seemed that the injury did not bother the star even a little and wrote, “Taste your blood, keep training, tie up later.” – House Rules “And to get more from this star, check out The One Thing The Rock He Wants You To Stop Doing After He Has The COVID Virus

Actress and activist Rose McGowan revealed that she suffered a serious injury while following the news at home: « Reading the results of the American elections while she was on the stairs = broken bone », she commented on a picture of her in a hospital bed with a splint on her wrist and for more celebrity news that is delivered to Your inbox, subscribe to our daily newsletter

Model Kaya Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber, revealed that she had a « minor accident », which resulted in putting her arm in a splint halfway through her biceps and telling fans after she posted a selfie in the new plaster on May 16, « I’m fine. « After only 11 days, Gerber revealed that she was promoted to cast in forearm only, and she told her followers, » Get my elbow back!  » And for another child celebrity who has taken to modeling, check out the appearance of Kate Moss’s 18-year-old daughter

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World News – California – This is why Kelly Clarkson has an eye patch on « The Voice »


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