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Publish date: 12:15 GMT, November 17, 2020 | Updated: 02:18 GMT, November 18, 2020

Tracy Davis, author and daughter of artist Rat Back Sammy Davis Jr.. Actress May Brett died at the age of 59.

Davis’ ex-husband Jay Garner told The Associated Press that Davis died in Franklin, Tennessee on November 2 after a short illness, but the cause of death has yet to be determined.. .

Davis wrote about her experiences as the daughter of one of the greatest artists ever, whose careers kept them apart during her childhood years, in her 1996 book Sammy Davis Jr.. : my dad.

Famous father: Tracy Davis, author and daughter of artist Rat Buck Sammy Davis Jr.. Actress May Brett, at the age of 59 years after a brief struggle with illness (shown in 2009 in Las Vegas)

The book was about her journey to reconnect with her father later as an adult and was written jointly with Dolores A.. . Barclay, former editor of the AP.

I wrote a second book, titled Sammy Davis Jr.. A personal journey with my father in 2014.

She revealed in her 2014 book that President John F.. Kennedy refused to allow her father to perform at his inauguration due to his interracial marriage with her mother.

Famous Artist: Davis wrote about her experience as Sami’s daughter, which appeared in the early 1980s, in her 1996 book Sammy Davis Jr.. : My father

The contempt for the invitation was confirmed in the 2017 American Masters documentary by director Sam Pollard who said the invitation was abruptly canceled on opening night.

The United States Supreme Court ruled that anti-homogeneity laws targeting interracial marriages in 1967 were unconstitutional.

MGM announced plans last month to develop Sammy Davis Jr. A biography based on Davis’s first book.

Interracial Marriage: May and Sammy were introduced in November 1962 with their adopted son Mark and Tracy in Los Angeles

« I am delighted to know that my father’s life, both private and public, will be on the big screen with this team of storytellers, » Davis said in a statement when the deal was announced.. He and my mother, May Brett, have taken the world, choosing love and compassion over hate and prejudice, and I am a product of that decision..

Davis, who used to be in the TV and advertising business, is alive with her four children, 87-year-old mother, and siblings.

‘She loved and adored her children more than anything. Needless to say, they are all shocked and devastated by the loss of their mother, as well as Tracy’s mother, May Bret Ringkist and her two brothers Mark and Jeff, ‘.

Fan favorites: In her books, Tracy wrote about the racism that her father suffered from, appearing in London around 1980

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Tracy Davis, Sammy Davis Jr.. May Britt, Sammy Davis, Jr.. : A Personal Journey with My Father, Rat Buck, Mark Davis

World News – California – Tracy Davis, daughter of Sammy Davis Jr.. May Brett is 59 years old
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