World news – California – who was Ava Vitale in the days of our lives?


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Who is Ava Vitali in Days of Our Lives is the question many fans are asking after Tamara Brown returns to the role in a shocking turn.

The preview video of the successful daytime drama on NBC showed that Ava is Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) partner in crime. She is the mysterious woman on the other end of his many phone calls.

Turns out he owes her family a mob of some unsuccessful gambling bets.

Philip and Ava’s new alliance sure is talking about fans because it was the alliance no one expected. In addition, Ava’s return raises many questions, and we hope some of them will be answered before November. .

The character was first introduced in 2008 as a new villain to wreak havoc on Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). It is revealed that Ava was a mob princess who was infatuated with Steve due to their previous relationship.

Ava sabotaged the plane carrying many Salem residents returning home from Ireland. The plane crashed resulting in the death of Patriarch Sean Brady (Frank Parker).

Shortly after the gang returns to Salem, they kidnap Ava Hope (Christian Alfonso), thinking she’s Kayla. Steve manages to find them and learns that Ava was drugged by her father, mob boss Martino Vitali (Joe Penny).

After a short trip with John (Drake Hugstein), Ava left town to avoid facing plane crash charges..

In 2015, Ava infiltrated Salem again with a plan to avenge Steve and Kayla, and their son Joy (James Lastowitz) immediately absorbed her plot..

However, once Ava kidnapped Kayla and forced Steve to sleep with her to free his « sweetness », Joy woke up.. Steve confessed to all of Ava’s crimes to Joey, even the fact that Ava has Steve’s baby but the baby is dead.

Joy learns that Ava planned to frame Kayla to kill. In a drunken rage, Joy crept into Ava’s room and allegedly strangled her to death.

The following year, Steve found out that his son with Ava had not died. Found Steve Tripp (Lucas Adams).

They return to Salem with Tripp set to avenge his mother’s death. Tripp believed it was Kayla, although Steve took the blame. In the end, the guilt becomes too much for Joy, who confesses to killing Ava.

Now, with Ava alive and well, Salem lurks, fans can’t wait to see what happened.

It appears she faked her death to avoid facing all the criminal charges, but of course, there will be more to the story than just news..

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World News – California – Who was Ava Vitali in the Days of Our Lives?
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