World news – Carnivorous beetle on the rampage in Australia with warnings of connections to mosquito bites


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The skin infection in question is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans and is often initially dismissed as an insect bite, with the painless lump appearing all over the body and sometimes slowly developing into a destructive ulcer.

A health alert was issued in connection with a carnivorous skin disease first registered in Melbourne, Australia.

“The risk of developing a Buruli ulcer in these areas is considered low. However, this is the first non-coastal area in Victoria to be recognized as a potential risk area. “

#RareDiseaseDay Most #NTDs NeglectedTropicalDiseases are not uncommon. But some like # Buruli ulcer are regional, worldwide rare & without funding

It was known that all identified cases of the disease, which is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium ulcerans (M. ulcerans), Visit high risk areas such as Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine Peninsula, Southeastern Suburbs by the Bay and East Gippsland.

Professor Sutton was quoted as saying that genetic analysis of each person’s bacteria suggests « a common source of infection in the area ».

« The potential source of M. ulcerans in Melbourne’s inner north is unknown, although the bacteria were isolated from the feces of a local possum, » said the expert, adding that the disease is not human-to-human. He also tried to dispel concerns, suggesting that there was no evidence of the disease being transmitted directly to humans from possums.

While the Buruli or Bairnsdale ulcer is often dismissed as a mere insect bite from the start , is a skin infection common in West or Central Africa and usually associated with stagnant water.

Pamela Small is following the transmission of one of the most neglected #NTDs, Buruli Ulcer, @WACCBIP_UG # WRC2018 . Importance of understanding the environment, behavior, and exposure with classic epidemiology and chance observations

While the lump occurs most often on exposed parts of the limb, it is initially painless but may later in a month or two ulcerate, become painful and cause severe fever.

The Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria stressed that cases of Buruli ulcer must be reported within five days of diagnosis, adding that the incidence of the disease is highest in people aged 60 and over, while people of all ages can become infected.

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