World news – Cassidy & Hitman Holla lines up ahead of the clash, Battle Rap Twitter Chimes In


Cassidy found his fame as a hit rapper but has since made waves with just a handful of encounters in battle rap. The Philadelphia rapper is set to face battle rap veteran Hitman Holla of St. Louis, Missouri in a highly anticipated bout next month, but not before an intense preview of battle rap twitter speaking. p> Cassidy and Hitman Holla will fight on April 3rd as part of Rare Breed Entertainment’s MAX OUT event with Ill Will against A. Ward, O-Red against Jag, Bigg K against Serius Jones and Showoff against Rosenberg Raw.

Cassidy, one of the few rappers who reached the mainstream to break into the battle rap trenches, previously faced the top competition with the top reckoning of the main event, with the results reportedly not in his favor . The Philly vet’s trust is unwavering, however, and he brings this to the ring with Hitman Holla who has dozens of fights against Shotgun Suge, K-Shine, Tay Roc, and the aforementioned O-Red under his belt.

The discussion between the competitors started off calmly enough, but Cassidy was clearly ready for war and seemed to shake Hitman Holla in a few places. Right from the start, Rare Breed Entertainment staff, clearly delighted that the event was trending strongly on social media, made sure this was the first time on this scale well into the weekend.

Hitman Holla made the first dig notable that a fight with his name had the attention it had, but Cassidy shut it down by saying that Hitman was « interchangeable » and got off the rails from there.

Rare Breed Entertainment will host MAX OUT on April 3rd. For more information on the event, including ticket sales, pay-per-view and location, please visit this link.

Keep scrolling to see the Cassidy vs Hitman Holla duel and comments from the battle rap community on Twitter .

Cassidy has tunnel vision in faceoffs … he doesn’t trip over his words or anything … laser-sharp focus … lolololol April 3rd

Man this is funny but it’s not like @CASSIDY_LARSINY would be lying … if you don’t dance during the intro it doesn’t matter 😂😂😂😂😂

Cassidy: I ​​have a different kind of niggas here. Stop getting up like you’re doing something. Hitman:

Cassidy should know how to get under niggas skin boy, lol Hitman Dam near the roof

Bro Cassidy literally told Hitman: « You were my hype man when I went wild » OMFG‼ ️‼ ️🤯🔥

Cassidy is the best heel in battle rap that he played like Randy Orton in 2007. He just plays the part of evil so easily. Lol

I heard about Hustla from Cassidy yesterday and now he’s in trend to talk about influence today.

Cassidy is a delusion. I can’t believe Hitman allowed him to upset him. How do you let Cassidy make you angry?

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