World news – Charlie Hebdo ignited the internet with controversial cover of the Queen kneeling on Meghan Markle’s neck


French magazine Charlie Hedbo loved its latest cover featuring a controversial cartoon of the Queen and Meghan Markle.

News Onyx reported that the satirical publication dropped its latest issue with a drawing that featured the 94- year-old monarch kneeling on Meghan Markle’s neck. The title of the cover read: « Why Meghan Markle left Buckingham Palace … Because » I couldn’t breathe « . »

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo mocks the murder of George Floyd and Meghan’s racism. The cover reads: « Why Meghan left Buckingham Palace », « Because I couldn’t breathe ».

The image relating to the 2020 murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin sparked outrage online.

Social media caught up over the cover of the French Magazine in a frenzy, but some people said that indignant viewers of the picture missed the point.

The petty racist sniffed against Meghan by the British media and royals, if left unchallenged, creates the atmosphere, in which institutional racism flourishes.

It’s a satire, they draw attention to how it was treated, how it was treated. Show that she was exposed to racism even in her position. Don’t look at Charlie Hebdo until you really understand how it works. It’s great to mock the national front.

You are deliberately interpreting this cartoon to mean the opposite of what it means. How strange it is to be a journalist and illiterate – usually not a big deal, but attacking a magazine whose workforce has already been slaughtered for similar reasons is unforgivable.

Before we all fall on ourselves to explain how shocking this is, and very much in the spirit of the much vicious « Prophet » cartoons, could people actually explain what the intended MESSAGE here is? Look beyond the cartoon. What are you trying to say?

This cartoon means exactly the opposite of what you think, but you can’t understand because you obviously don’t know anything about France. Anyway, this is way too violent and disturbing for you, very far from you. So just don’t check it out and forget about the French, thanks.

Charlie Hedbo is a satirical publication that doesn’t rule out shooting celebrities. This situation is not the magazine’s first outrageous cover.

In 2015, Charlie Hedbo journalists were attacked and killed in his Paris office after two Algerian brothers overran the police officer charged with protecting staff following threats . The men killed 12 employees because of offensive pictures of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

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