World news – Claremont Killer’s twisted connection with Ivan Milat


Claremont’s killer, Bradley Robert Edwards, is likely to bury the true extent of his murderous rampage – following in the footsteps of Australian serial killers Ivan Milat and the « granny killer » John Wayne Glover, who refused to help the police, or even them To comfort families of victims in their dying breaths.

Edwards is serving a 40-year sentence or more for the murders of Perth women Jane Rimmer and Ciara Glennon after he was found guilty late last year.

However, the 52-year-old former telephone technician was acquitted of Sarah Spiers’ murder, despite the judge admitting he was likely responsible for it.

According to well-known criminologist Dr. However, given Edwards ‘insulting profile as a « violent psychopath, » Xanthe Mallett is unlikely to ever feel remorseful enough to provide valuable information – such as the location of Sarah Spiers’ body.

« There’s nothing in it for him. Someone like Edwards doesn’t care about the victims, he doesn’t care about their families. He just cares about him, » said Dr. Mallett.

« The only reason I saw someone like Edwards confess where a dead body was when there were some bonuses for him to move to (for example) another prison. »

Dr. Mallett believes Edwards falls into the « typical » culprit category of the suburban white man with violent psychopathic tendencies – killers who can fly under the radar due to their vulgarity.

Milat, a road worker who murdered seven backpackers from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, and Glover, a cake seller who killed six elderly women on Sydney’s north coast between 1989 and 1990, share the same classification.

« They are white, live in the suburbs, live this double life, hidden in sight. They are very normal, » she said.

« They hold jobs down, they have families, but they all have trigger points that set them off and then they offend them.

« Ivan Milat is a good example – when he had relationship breakdowns he felt out of control in his personal life and therefore he had to control someone in order to fulfill that need in himself and he did this by often kidnapping and murdering couples .  »

Then they feel the need to offend against people, often complete strangers, which makes it really difficult to catch them.  »

One of the earliest known attacks by Edwards, in which he grabbed a social worker who tried to drag her to a toilet block at Hollywood Hospital in 1990, happened recently after he de facto admitted she had been unfaithful.

Clinical psychologist Paul McEvoy, who examined Edwards after the attack, noted that Edwards « was indeed deeply affected by her inclusion ».

« Something triggers them emotionally and they have to go and fill themselves. It’s about power, dominance and control with these people. They feel the need to do this in a different way because it is not satisfied in their personal life. »

Dr. Xanthe Mallett appears in Catching the Claremont Killer: The Untold Tale, Thursday, February 4th at 8 p.m. on Sky News.


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