World news – Close the hatches: rain, strong winds on the way


More heavy rain has come our way, and with the Coffs Coast catchment areas really soaked, there is a risk of flash floods.

The Coffs Harbor SES – already having reached its limits recently – is preparing for the worst of the cell to reach the region.

The Hunter and Manning regions in the south have already been hammered and now we’re headed for heavy rainfall and wind speeds of up to 40 km / h.

« SES crews closely monitor BOM radars as the expected high precipitation event begins to unfold.

« For the rest of today (Sunday) and until tomorrow, according to the parts list forecasts, there is an increased possibility of around 100 mm.

« If the soil moisture is almost 100 percent, all precipitation will drain away and increase the risk of local flash floods and river floods. »

The rain this afternoon has been concentrated in the south of Coffs Harbor but will continue to spread this afternoon as the band moves towards us.


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It’s one thing Sarah cares about and she encourages others to participate.

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