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Conservation groups have criticized the “toothless” environmental law reforms introduced in Parliament on Thursday, as a new report warns of the impending collapse of 19 ecosystems. The Global Change Biology study found that all but one of 20 ecosystems studied in Australia and Antarctica were at risk of permanent collapse. These include the alpine ash forests of Victoria, which are now devoured by fire so frequently that they don’t lack time to produce seeds. The warning comes because a new draft law by the Morrison administration would allow ministers to take decisions that are inconsistent with the new environmental standards when they deem it to be in the public interest and would allow states to go without a separate covenant to qualify for « one-touch » approvals review. It would introduce an environmental officer who is tasked with reviewing “processes” but has no authority to challenge individual decisions. The legislation is in response to Graeme Samuel’s review of the Environment and Biodiversity Act, but bypasses many of his recommendations.

A Liberal adviser claims she is regularly from office manager Frank Zumbo in MP Craig Kelly’s office Sexually molested in Sydney. According to Australian reports, she filed a police complaint in November regarding Zumbo when she worked for him as an election worker in his Sutherland office from June 2015 when she was 21. The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said she had been admitted to hospital with stress and anxiety in part as a result of the sexual harassment. Her police statement lists allegations that Zumbo exposed himself, grabbed her breasts, kissed her, and laid her on top of her in the back seat of his car. Guardian Australia reports that the NSW Teachers Federation has filed a formal complaint that Zumbo often attends school events instead of Kelly and takes photos of himself with students and teachers to post on his personal Facebook page.

The Australian News made a return to Facebook today after the company agreed to unblock Australian content. Facebook agreed on Tuesday to lift the ban after the government announced it would make changes to the mandatory media negotiating code passed by parliament on Thursday. Changes include allowing technology companies to avoid “naming” as long as they do enough business with media companies. Crossbench Senator Rex Patrick, who spoke out against the changes, warned that they could leave niches without compensation. « The big (media) players were able to negotiate successfully with Facebook or Google, » he said. « The minister doesn’t name them and all the little players miss it. » Competition watchdog Rod Sims endorsed the code and dismissed the changes as « negligible. » The global death toll from Covid-19 has reached 2.5 million, but the number of new deaths appears to be rising, according to the Johns Hopkins University slowed down. The United States has the most deaths at 506,000, which is more than double that of Brazil with nearly 250,000 in second place. World Health Organization officials reported that Covid-19 deaths were down 20 percent last week. From the end of December to the beginning of February, the number of new cases among residents in the US nursing homes fell by more than 80 percent, as the vaccination campaign was aimed at elderly care facilities.

The discerning Chinese sommelier may have recently noticed a subtle shift in his favorite penfolds drop: bitter tannins of the trade war with the lingering aroma of a cheap discount.

“Economist Nicki Hutley is both an expert commentator and a case study of the growing inequalities in the Australian real estate market. Hutley, formerly Senior Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, now an independent analyst and one of Australia’s best-known and most respected economic commentators, has lived in the same house on Sydney’s lower north coast for almost 25 years. « I can tell you, » she says, « that I made more out of capital gains than I did in my career. » It’s totally unfair. It is undeserved. … it’s just such a massive problem. « 

“Namatjira’s paintings are often humorous (in his most recent series, The Royal Tour, which was accompanied by his first artist book in December, he added his grinning figure amid images of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s visit to Australia in 1983). but he quickly rejects the often-made claim that his work is « funny ». It’s dead serious for him. The perceived politics of Namatjira’s work are also less simple than the art world would like to think. « 

“Most of what we buy now – both fresh and dried – comes from varieties of sweet corn. The varieties grown centuries ago were stronger and the grains much more robust. A few years ago in Tasmania I started grinding corn from older varieties like painted corn. We ruined several mills in the process because the kernels can be so strong that they destroy the grinding mechanisms. But the end result was like night and day in terms of polenta. “

“Medevac refugees who have been released from custody have traveled to Parliament building to demand an end to the uncertainty faced by asylum seekers affected by the Australian offshore processing regime. Thanush Selvarasa and Ramsiyar Sabanayagam were among around 60 refugees and asylum seekers released from immigration custody in Australia last month. This was a surprising move by the federal government. Mr Selvarasa – a Sri Lankan refugee – had spent nearly six years in offshore detention on Manus Island before being brought to Australia for mental treatment under the now repealed Medevac legislation. “

“Serious concerns remain about the impact of the rollout on refugees inside and outside Australia, as well as the significant proportion of people living in Australia ‘undocumented’ (ie without valid visas). The use of so-called Covid passports is particularly controversial … An estimated 9 out of 10 people who live in the poorest countries in the world may not receive the vaccine this year. Refugees and asylum seekers around the world are likely to be severely affected by such inequalities in vaccines. “

« We’re not going to fix the system anytime soon. The government is re-examining the Australian retirement income system and the review, like its predecessors, has all the data in possession … we know it is there as most of the data comes from the government itself. And we know they won’t be recommending anything radical because the superannuation industry is so relaxed and confident that it is not wasting time defending the profanity of the inequalities that exist, but instead running ads demanding we all spend more money in their broken system. How can that be? « 

“A US art installation that allowed people to control a paintball robot in a mock art gallery was condemned by the company that made the robo-dog. Boston Dynamics criticized the project, calling it a « provocative use » of its four-legged robot, Spot. It warned that if the « spectacle » continues, Spot’s warranty could be voided, meaning it cannot be updated. « 

Dhanya Mani

Eighteen months after her attack was publicly reported, former liberal worker Dhanya Mani explains why this week is not « progress ».
Australia appears to be deliberately blind to the fact that each of its power enclaves has a misogynist, patriarchal power structure that enables the oppression, defamation and sexual abuse of women.

Rick morton

The family courts system has had problems for years, but the decision to merge it with the federal court has generated both concern and support from stakeholders across the spectrum.

Rachel Withers

The Tamil family, who settled in Biloela, Queensland with their two Australian-born daughters, have now been in immigration detention for more than 1,000 days. However, legal pressure tries to steer the political will to compassion.

With the Australian government ready to vaccinate against Covid-19, our state quarantine systems, contact tracing and testing must also be addressed before we can reopen our borders to the world.

Ruby Hamad

After more than a decade from its release, Claire Thomas’ highly anticipated second novel, The Performance, puts her back in the spotlight.

Paul Bongiorno

When bad news dominates the headlines, the best solution for a prime minister is to dwarf it with good news. How happy for Scott Morrison to finally announce on Tuesday that the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for introduction in Australia.

Sami Shah

To be a politician means learning to deliver sentences composed by experts who know that whatever you say will be analyzed and dissected carefully. It is for this reason that prime ministers employ speechwriters – people who know how to read the distortion and dash of social discourse and find a way for their boss to please few and many. Prime Minister Scott Morrison should really consider hiring such a person.

Bridget McKenzie says the Nationals are « very, very interested in making a positive, progressive contribution to the energy and emissions debate. » All the evidence suggests this is not true.

Rick morton

The government claims it considers debts incurred through its robo-debt system to be legal. However, experts now refer to two cases that have been heard in the High Court and have clearly highlighted the risks of the program.

Mike Seccombe

Despite the harmful effects of Covid-19, higher unemployment and flat wages, the Australian real estate market has declined. But home ownership is becoming increasingly unaffordable for young people, with dire consequences for their future.

Justine Landis-Hanley

Hospitality has always been a challenge; then came the pandemic. Instead of stocking up for a reset and possible recovery, Melbourne restaurants are teetering on a third snap.

Naomi Stead

The redevelopment of Pentridge Prison raises worrying questions about how we preserve our punishing past and whether it is ever acceptable to brand misery.

Tali Lavi

In Michele Lee’s new play Single Ladies, the lives of three women collide in a fast-paced comedy.

Miriam Cosic

AGNSW’s insightful exhibition by modernist sculptor Margel Hinder rehabilitates the beacon work of a great Australian artist.

Michele Tydd

In patients with hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating often leads to feelings of shame, loneliness, and depression. Just knowing that it is a recognized medical condition can be the first step in regaining confidence and control.

Joe Gorman

For many indigenous rugby players, the experience of representing their culture on the All Stars team fosters better knowledge and appreciation of their heritage and strengthens the NRL’s position as Australia’s first predominantly non-white sport.


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