World news – College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry built on black student-athletes.


College sports is a multi-billion dollar industry built largely on the backs of black student-athletes who fail to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness (NIL) and have far lower graduation rates than their white teammates.

The state of affairs: Soccer and men’s basketball – both played by mostly black athletes – generate most of the revenue generated by the college’s sports departments and pay the massive salaries of the coaches.

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In 40 states, a Head College football or basketball coach was the highest-paid public employee as of January 2020, according to ESPN.

In numbers, black students are disproportionately athletic at most Division I locations. Take Louisiana State University, where 1 in 11 black men is a scholarship holder – compared to 1 in 125 white men.

The average graduation success rate (GSR) for black soccer players in bowl-bound teams in 2020 was 73, 4%, 16.3% lower than white players (89.7%), according to the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports.

39.3% of the bowl-bound schools had GSRs for black student soccer-athletes that were at least 20 percentage points lower than the odds for white players.

What they say: Having such a large percentage of the black population in a school play sports – and exists in a world where athletics often replaces academics – perpetuates racial stereotypes , writes Derrick Z. Jackson of The Undefeated.

« The tragic stereotype that the only thing a black can be is an athlete – and a stupid one at that – plagues the psyche of the nation. »

« If universities s o Can effectively find black men to play ball and make millions of dollars for their coffers … then why can’t they find black men who do not play sports and provide the necessary support for enrollment? « 

The big picture: The popularity of soccer and basketball obscures the fact that the rest of college sports are mostly white, middle-class athletes.

And since these sports don’t make money, the revenues from soccer and basketball subsidize their existence as well as some academic endeavors.

Dave Zirin of the Nation went so far as to describe the NCAA as « a machine to facilitate organized theft of black fortune. »

Simon Head of MMA Junkie addresses five key storylines, which will follow at UFC on ESPN 21 in Las Vegas.

The New York Giants and WR Kenny Golladay didn’t agree on a deal until Friday night, but they did interest remains.

The chaplain of the Loyola men’s basketball team received both Covid-19 vaccine doses and traveled to see the hikers adopt the Georgia Tech yellow jackets.

Nicki Minaj’s father, Robert Maraj died last month after being hit in an accident in Mineola, New York.

Bill and Esther Ilnisky spent nearly seven decades together as Christian ministers and missionaries in the Caribbean and the Middle East, among others before preaching in Florida for 40 years. « It’s so precious, so wonderful, so heartwarming to know that they belong together, » said Milewski, adding: « I miss her. » Bill Ilnisky grew up in Detroit and decided to dedicate his life to God when he was 16, Milewski said.

Rep. Chip Roy’s claim that an old Texas woman said about rope and « a tall oak » seems poetry from a song by country star Toby Keith.

Elsewhere, police used violence against protesters and security forces shot at least one person. About 100 doctors, nurses, medical students and pharmacists wearing long white coats lined up on a main street in Mandalay to chant slogans and voice their opposition to the February 1 coup, which led the elected civilian government of Aung San Suu Kyi fell. Mandalay was a major opposition center to the takeover, and later in the day engineers there held a so-called « no-human strike, » an increasingly popular tactic of placing signs in streets or other public areas as proxy for human protesters .

North Korean diplomats left their embassy in Malaysia and were expelled Sunday after the two nations severed diplomatic ties over the extradition of a North Korean criminal suspect to the United States. The North Korean flag and embassy signage have been removed from the site in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. « This action is a reminder that Malaysia must never tolerate attempts to interfere in our internal affairs and our judiciary, disregard our system of government and constantly create unnecessary tension against the rules-based international order, » he said in a statement / p> Well-known political seer Allan Lichtman believes that Donald Trump is so entangled in legal and financial problems that a successful run in 2024 is unlikely.

The Philippine defense chief called for more than 200 Chinese ships on Sunday , who he said are manned by militias leaving a Manila-claimed reef in the South China Sea, and said their presence was a « provocative act to militarize the area. » « We call on the Chinese to stop this incursion and immediately recall these boats that violate our maritime rights and invade our territory, » Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana said in a statement, adding, without going into detail, that the Philippines is safeguarding its sovereign rights would. A government watchdog overseeing the disputed region said about 220 Chinese ships were moored at Whitsun on March 7, as Beijing also claims.

Xfinity drivers Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric hit after the Xfinity Saturday’s race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Xfinity drivers Noah Gragson and Daniel Hemric struck after Saturday’s Xfinity race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

The Philippines expressed concern about hundreds of Chinese military vessels , which were discovered this month in the controversial South China Sea, the latest example of tension in the crucial waterway. The Philippine Coast Guard reported that around 220 ships believed to be manned by Chinese maritime militia personnel were moored on a reef in line formation on March 7, an intergovernmental task force said late Saturday. The National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea has expressed concern about overfishing and degradation of the marine environment, as well as risks to the safety of shipping Administration in « Fox News Live ».

SAS soldiers are expected to disrupt Russian interference in the world as part of a major restructuring of defense priorities. The SAS and other units of the Special Forces Group will likely work with MI6 to conduct covert surveillance operations against Russian spies and military units. Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, Chief of Staff, told The Telegraph that the special forces are tasked with fighting « enemy state actors. » The move comes ahead of the release of the Defense Command Paper, the Department of Defense’s contribution to the government’s integrated review of foreign, defense, security and development policies, which will be released on Monday. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace wrote for The Telegraph that Britain must reinvent its armed forces for the 21st century as the threat it faces has « changed beyond recognition » in 30 years. He says, “Our enemies have infinitely more options. Encryption, precision and information operations complicate the threat picture. “We are constantly confronted with the ‘gray area’, this land of limbo between peace and war. Conflict prevention is therefore more important than ever. “In a modern day battle on the Atlantic, the Royal Navy will use a » spy ship « to prevent Russian submarines from sabotaging the UK Internet by damaging undersea cables. The Multi Role Ocean Surveillance Ship (MROSS), slated to enter service by 2024, will help protect critical national infrastructures such as undersea cables that carry trillions of dollars in financial transfers every day and carry 97 percent of global communications.

Public health officials have tried for the past few months to combat the reluctance of the COVID-19 vaccine in the US, often reiterating the safety and effectiveness of the Food and Drug Administration-approved shots. However, a Medicare Advantage study conducted earlier this month found that 312,173 seniors nationwide plan not to be vaccinated because of concerns about having to pay for the vaccines, reports WRIC in Richmond, Virginia. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tried to make it clear that coronavirus vaccinations are free for everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. However, the study finds that « it is difficult to blame older adults on concerns about costs » as there have been numerous reports of clinics prosecuting people for vaccination appointments and a number of scams have also surfaced. People over 65 are the age group most susceptible to COVID-19. Medicare Advantage used data from the US Census Department’s Weekly Household Impulse Survey for the analysis. Read the full analysis here and more at WRIC. More stories from theweek.com5 scorchingly funny cartoons about Mitch McConnell’s filibuster threat Matthew McConaughey for the governor? A leap into social security benefits

Instagram’s Mar-a-Lago ClubDonald Trump is addressing a coronavirus outbreak. But that doesn’t mean the parties will stop. On Sunday the club is holding a fundraiser for 500 people for a children’s charity – according to Old Beach with vintage cars, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and « everyone who plays by the pool » broker Valentina Aved, who helped organize the event. The $ 375 party, held by invitation only to benefit Place of Hope, is sold out, Aved says, and no one seems concerned about the outbreak. “It’s going to be a very exciting event. The most beautiful cars, people, good friends, ”she told The Daily Beast. The charity’s Instagram also promised « Hundreds of historic cars on display, live entertainment, a fashion show, brunch, and more! » No coronavirus precautions are mentioned. On the party’s website, reference is made once to “disinfection stations” and “space for social distancing”. The event takes place outdoors after multiple infections forced the club’s dining room and beach venue to close. In an email to members, first reported by the Associated Press, Mar-a-Lago said, « Some of our employees recently tested positive for COVID-19. » However, they promised to take « all appropriate responses. » Affected areas have been redeveloped and some workers have been quarantined, but banquet and event services are still open. View this post on Instagram A post by Valentina Deva (@realtorvalentina) Aved, who is on Instagram by Valentina Deva, told The Daily Beast that two kitchen workers had tested positive. She was in Mar-a-Lago last week during two wildly fundraising drives for a dog charity Big Dog Ranch Rescue, chaired by Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump. Usually the annual gala, which almost always takes place in Trump houses, draws at least 800 people, but due to COVID-19, organizers split the event into two groups of around 500 people for two days. Aved insisted that everyone wear masks and do their best to maintain social distance – « maybe not six feet, but at least three feet apart » – in the Grand Ballroom. But dozens of photos and videos from the event show almost no attendees wearing masks and women screaming and huddling around each other to take pictures In a video from the event posted by Miami philanthropist Angela Bird, a topless male model was walking down a catwalk when a woman without a mask screamed and cheered at nearby tables. The dog show and auction events reportedly grossed $ 1.4 million. Neither Place of Hope, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, nor Mar-a-Lago responded to The Daily Beast’s request for comment on the precautions taken. Instagram / Angela Birdman Bird, a member of the charity’s board of directors, told The Daily Beast that she has not yet heard from « a single person who tested positive from attending this event. » She said masks were handed out upon entry and everyone was asked to wear them until they were seated. Lara Trump also took part in the fundraiser. Donald Trump himself showed up halfway and told the crowd that he had heard their loud noises from the golf course and had come to « find out what you are doing, » Aved said. Trump was seen hugging people as a mostly mask-free crowd took photos and sang, « We love you, we love you. » In other videos last week, Melania Trump was seen joining her husband in a dining area, who was bullied by more mask-free guests. The former first family moved to Mar-a -Lago permanently after leaving the White House in January. Donald and Melania were there on Friday preparing for their son Barron’s 15th birthday when the outbreak went public, according to CNN. View this post on Instagram A post by FARRAHABRAHAM (@farrahabraham) View this post on Instagram A post by Vanessa Vinci (@vanessavincistyle) View this post on Instagram A post by @michaelsolakiewicz Aved said she had checked her friends in the light of positive cases of the club. Some had returned to Miami, others to New York, where incoming travelers are supposed to quarantine or provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result. Neither of them felt sick, she said. Florida State Democratic MP Omari Hardy urged Palm Beach County to close Mar-a-Lago in January after a New Year’s Eve party there drew hundreds of unmasked partygoers. The county sent the club a stern letter warning that it had violated county codes and could be fined $ 15,000. Hardy said Florida House passed a COVID-19 liability law that will grant immunity to companies like Mar-a-Lago despite irresponsible behavior. He tweeted Friday night: « The workers don’t deserve this. » Read more at The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX has completed the « stacking » of its Super Heavy prototype, the booster that will launch its Starship spacecraft into orbit it in reports

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