World news – Cricketer reveals mom’s battle with breast cancer


Sydney Superstar Pat Cummins says he will feel « quite emotional » on Jane McGrath Day as the Pink Test fundraiser goes virtual to combat the reduced capacity of viewers at SCG.

Cummins was in the seventh year of his mother Maria’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2005, but 13 years later Maria was in the SCG stands when Cummins played in his first home test.

« Mom went through all of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It lasted about six months. She’s one of the lucky ones, she came out on the other side, » said Cummins after that match.

« As a kid, you think, ‘Mom said it’ll be fine, so it’ll be fine.’ It’s only when you get a little older that you think, « That was really serious. »

For 13 years the SCG has been full of pink to raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

But around 100,000 Sydneysiders will miss this year watching Cummins terrorize India’s batsmen after NSW Health cut the capacity of the SCG crowd to 25 percent due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, Aussies can purchase a virtual pink seat at the SCG for $ 20 this year to help the McGrath Foundation meet their $ 1 million goal during the test.

Cummins, 27, took eight wickets and made 24 wickets man of the game in his first SCG test during the 2017/18 Ashes series, which remains a special memory for the golden boy of Australian cricket.

« I’m feeling pretty emotional on Jane McGrath Day because the Pink Test shows the best in Australia, » Australia’s vice-captain told the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday.

« It’s such a big day on the Australian sports calendar. It’s always special for players on the field and part of any celebration, but it’s even more important for the families who have experienced breast cancer.

« It’s something I and (fiancé) Becky are very passionate about, and we just know how important it is for everyone to come together and acknowledge how difficult it is, but also how important it is to raise funds in order to to have as many McGrath Breast Care nurses in the community as possible.

« It would be a special occasion, even without the crowds. I think that’s what happens when something builds so much momentum over 13 years.

« We are grateful that there will be at least 10,000 fans in attendance on Jane McGrath Day to celebrate the occasion, and it will undoubtedly be another special day with the SCG and the entire cricket community either at the SCG or at home . turns pink.  »

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, the McGrath Foundation had already raised $ 37,760 through its virtual seat initiative.

« We always look forward to seeing people pee in our bandanas to bathe the SCG in pink as symbolic support for those with breast cancer and raising much-needed funding for the McGrath Foundation, » said Glenn McGrath on Tuesday.

« (But buying virtual seats) is an easy way to get involved, whether you’re with SCG or watching from home. »


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