World news – Deliveroo: From the start to the mega stock market launch


Deliveroo, the app-controlled food delivery company that debuts on the London Stock Exchange on Wednesday, has had a dazzling journey in its short history but faces questions about its sustainability.

Shu came up with the idea of ​​a starting his own business after struggling to find restaurants that would deliver groceries to the London office, where he often stayed long to work as a financial analyst.

Shu was born in 1979 and was inspired by Amazon. In 2019, the American giant acquired a 16 percent stake in Deliveroo.

Deliveroo is not only headquartered in Great Britain and Ireland, but is also in Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and the United States United Arab Emirates.

Deliveroo and its competitors saw sales soar during the coronavirus pandemic as lockdowns sparked increasing demand for take-away food.

Sales for the UK group rose in the first two months of this Year on year compared to early 2020 or before the virus spreads worldwide.

The company also supplies groceries from supermarkets – one of the few types of retail that are allowed to remain open during the lockdown – and works with big brands like Aldi, Carrefour and Marks and Spencer together.

Despite increasing sales, the group suffered a net loss of £ 226 million ($ 310 million) total, caused by higher costs, partly due to hiring more drivers to meet demand.

Deliveroo is public gone so that it can grow and beat the competition from Anglo-Dutch groups like Just Eat Takeaway and US giant Uber Eats.

The IPO has raised questions about the sustainability of Deliveroo’s business model, which is based on the use of self-employed drivers

The Spanish government announced a deal earlier this month in which drivers who work for delivery companies like Deliveroo will be recognized as employees after complaints about their working conditions – a first in the EU

It will be At the heart of the so-called gig economy, hundreds of thousands of independent employees for app-based services such as the delivery of groceries or car trips will meet n supports.

« There is pressure across the industry to improve working conditions, especially following Uber’s decision to classify its UK drivers as workers, » said Susannah Streeter, senior investment and market analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

 » This poses a major challenge for Deliveroo because if it is forced to change the classification of its drivers in the future it will likely affect its profitability. « 

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