World news – Dermot Shea breaks NYC’s protection system after brutal attack on an Asian woman


NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea on Wednesday accused the city’s homeless shelter of being involved in the brutal caning of an Asian woman. Probation officers would not get the help they need to avoid offending again.

The best cop in town would not say whether Brandon Elliot – the 38-year-old brute who on camera the 65-year-old victim on Monday allegedly attacked – should be paroled.

Elliot was paroled in 2019 after serving about 17 years for the murder of his mother in 2002.

« That’s more of a question for the parole board, « Shea said on PIX 11. » But I would say people are paying their debts to society. They need to get a second chance.

He added that as a police inspector he has a « different perspective » – when he blew up the lack of resources in the homeless shelters in the city where Elliot was staying when he was arrested for the broad daylight attack.

« When you release people from prison and into homeless shelters stuck « Ask for trouble, » Shea said. « There has to be a safety net and resources for them. »

He added, « Releasing people and putting them in the homeless shelters – I’ve been doing this for years – and I think you’re just shaking your head and say, « What could possibly go wrong? « And that’s exactly what goes wrong. It just should never happen. » the hate crime, saying, « My heart goes out only to the Asian community and this victim in particular. It’s a terrible, terrible attack by a probation officer. »

The stomach-wrenching attack takes place amid an increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans across the country including New York City.

Around 300 homeless men were recently moved to the Sheraton Hotel from a former DoubleTree hotel on West 36th Street after residents of Hell’s Kitchen complained about drug use and fighting, Patch reported January.

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