World news – Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs: Bet Teasers Like a Pro


While much of the betting attention is focused on conventional spread and total games, many Saturday and Sunday bettors will be looking for profitable teaser opportunities in the NFL divisional round.

Teasers are incredibly popular with recreational bettors. They are similar to a parlay in that they combine multiple bets into the same bet – but they are also very different. In a teaser, bettors can adjust the spread or total in their favor to get more desirable numbers, typically by six points. This is known as « up » or « down ». All legs in the teaser must win in order for you to win your teaser.

Sharp NFL bettors target teasers as well, but they are much more disciplined and selective. The pros are aiming for the six-point teaser with two teams, which can be bet at odds of around -120. While public bettors search for the weekend’s biggest spreads and blindly challenge their favorites, pros are focused on teasing the key numbers. When teasing, the goal is to go through several key numbers (3, 7, 10) based on the most popular rating methods.

The best opportunity for teasers this weekend is arguably ravens 3 through 9, as it is the can surpass the two largest key numbers (3 and 7). We also saw some respectable money hit Baltimore and lower the line from 3 to 2.5. This means that you are on the side of sharp action.

Ravens-Bills under 55.5 (vs. 49.5): Metrics for sums are not nearly as important as metrics for spreads. But we saw that this under hit some tough money and the total dropped from 50.5 to 49.5. The weather could play a role here. The current forecast is for a low 30’s, 15-20 mph winds and possibly some snow.

Rams 6.5 to 12.5: We saw a sharp move in the reverse direction in Los Angeles with the Rams moving from 7 to 6.5 fell. If you tease the rams to 12.5, go through key numbers 7 and 10. The public is sure to tease the packers from -6.5 to -0.5. The books will aim for a Rams win to kill those Green Bay public teasers.

Rams-Packers Under 51.5 (out of 45.5): Respected money hit this under and the sum of 46, 5 reduced to 45.5. The forecast is low 30’s in Lambeau with 10 mph wind. The Rams are 12-5 to Under this season.

Browns 10 to 16: This spread has been frozen at Chiefs -10 all week. But we’re starting to see the Wiseguys lean towards Cleveland, with the 10 being juiced to -115. This signals a possible decline to 9.5. By teasing the Browns on 16, you can go through key number 14.

Browns Chiefs over 51.5 (out of 57.5): We saw an overload of Pro and Joe doing that over of 54.5 increased to 57.5. The weather in Arrowhead – cloudy and high 30’s – shouldn’t be a problem. The Browns are 10-7 to over this season.

Buccaneers 3 to 9: The hard cash has plummeted in Tampa and moved the Bucs from 4 to 3. If you bring the Bucs to 9, you can go through key number 7. At the moment the saints -3 are being juiced up. 120, which signals a possible rise to -3.5. If you wait, you can take the 3.5 to 9.5.

Bucs-Saints over 45.5 (from 51.5): Pros and Joes liked this and increased it from 50 to 51.5. This game is also played in a dome. In the last ten years, the proportion of dome playoffs was around 65 percent.

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