World news – Dodgers’ Dave Roberts on MLB Decision to Postpone All-Star Game: « I Support It »


Dave Roberts, manager of Dodgers, who will lead the National League All-Star team wherever the game is played this summer, said he supported MLB’s decision to hold this game in response to the controversial Move Georgia State Electoral Law Amendment Act out of Atlanta.

« I support it, » said Roberts on Friday of the decision announced by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. « Of course I’m not familiar with everything, but I understand, and what I learned from the bill was essentially to suppress voting for people of color. » I fundamentally disagree with that.

“I support the commissioner’s due diligence – inside baseball, outside baseball, the players, the front office – and ultimately making the decision about the all-star game and draft outside of Georgia to remove. I also applaud the fact that we still plan to provide the dollars to the communities in the greater Atlanta area, which I think is great because the fans are the ones who are sadly losing. But I definitely support it.  »
As part of the announcement on Friday, Manfred said that MLB’s planned investment in communities in the Atlanta area as part of the All-Star Legacy Projects will not change.

« We were just kind of talking to gather information, » said Roberts.

When the possibility was raised last week of MLB taking the All-Star game out of Atlanta, Roberts said he would « consider » not participating as manager of the NL team. He didn’t tell the inspector that, said Roberts.

« I haven’t, » he said. “I think Major League Baseball does a really good job of reviewing and looking at all of the pages to ultimately make a decision. I applaud them for being proactive in this case. “

Roberts said he believes Manfred’s decision to take a stand on this issue will be » very powerful « .

« In a world where people want and need to be heard – people of color in this particular case – for Major League Baseball to listen and do something about being proactive, I think that only sets a tone who depends on Major League Baseball for the players, we have to be in it together, ”said Roberts. « It’s a great game. But for it to continue to thrive, we have to be in it together, and this is a big step in that direction. »

Not only is Dodgers’ 2021 payroll forecast of $ 234 million the highest in baseball, no other team is within $ 30 million. This is according to the annual Opening Day Salary Survey published by USA Today on Friday.

The Dodgers payroll includes three of the top ten highest paid baseball players – David Price ($ 32 million), Trevor Bauer ($ 31.3 million) and Clayton Kershaw ($ 31 million). Their combined salaries (though the Boston Red Sox are giving the Dodgers $ 16 million to pay half Price’s price) of $ 94.2 million is more than 11 teams’ payrolls.

Although payrolls are calculated slightly differently for competitive tax purposes, the Dodgers will be paying the luxury tax this year for the first time since 2017 and could result in additional penalties, e.g. B. the postponement of their first choice in the draft by 10 places in the next year.

Even so, Andrew Friedman, president of Dodgers’ division of baseball operations earlier this spring, said the owners, despite losses of more than $ 100 million last season that sparked numerous layoffs across the organization, have not put pressure on wage cuts.

« I think our main focus is on doing everything we can to defend our title, » said Friedman. « I’m sure trade talks will take place during spring training, but it’s not something that crosses our minds in relation to moving money. The steps and things we’ve done over the past three years have us Now given a little more flexibility, I think from our point of view we feel really good about the team we have on site.

« We know there are some additional costs associated with this that are not ideal but add cost. But we feel as a team we outweigh the rewards. »

Bauer announced a seasonal charity initiative through which he will donate $ 1,000 to local nonprofits for every strike he records.

Bauer’s charity – « Ks for a Cause » – donates to a different organization each month, with a focus on groups that support STEM and youth programs in the greater Los Angeles area. « Ks for a Cause » goods are also available. The proceeds will go to the specified organizations.

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In April, Bauer’s strikes will benefit “Think Together,” a group that organizes early intervention programs, post-school programs, student support services and efforts to improve the school. The donation from Bauer will help fund STEM and robotics programs for middle school students in southeast Los Angeles.

During the six full seasons from 2014 to 2019, Bauer averaged 192 strikes per season, up from 253 in 2019. During the shortened 2020 regular season, Bauer averaged 12.3 strikes per nine innings.

Dodgers (RHP Walker Buehler, 1-0, 3.44 ERA in 2020) v Rockies (RHP Jon Gray, 2-4, 6.69 ERA in 2020), Saturday, 5:10 pm, SportsNet LA, FS1, 570 p.m.

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