World news – Each level of Hitman 1, 2 and 3 was rated


Last but not least! A ranking of all 21 Hitman levels from the World of Assassination trilogy. Did you ask for it? Did the editors ask about it? Also no. But what’s more Hitman than waiting for a loud distraction – RPS’s recent redesign – and taking advantage of the confusion to bring you something unexpected. I hope, of course, that this list doesn’t turn out to be an emetic. This is how Graham likes to call a website « no, no ».

That I enjoy scoring (and re-scoring endlessly) Hitman levels is due to the decision to import and update previous locations in each iteration of the game. It’s not a series that suffers from quality gaps between installments. Yes, there are themes – Hitman 2 is big, bright, and compassionate compared to Hitman 3’s more melancholy mooching – but in general the 21 main levels (including two DLC levels) feel like one piece.

My quality criteria? I enjoy escaping Hitman’s world trips so some of the lists also serve as dream vacation destinations. But I’m mainly drawn to levels that make targeted use of the properties inherent in this place (so not just drop another chandelier on someone), that merge individual goals into great chaos, and that let David Bateson provide plenty of arc of line readings. Mendoza is valued because it describes wine in a way that only a serial killer would. Oh, and levels that don’t overdo the pudding with non-murder goals. You know them.

What if you don’t agree with the list? Good luck with me speaking out your complaints. * disappears nearby *

Matthew Castle

Ex-Vid Bud. Unofficial Rennie spokesman.

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