World news – Easter egg, which was « too nice to eat », remained untouched on the back of the refrigerator for 43 years





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John Gartlan of Kilcurry, Dundalk, Co Louth, received the egg as a gift when he was only five years old and is still « on ice » over four decades and four fridges later.

An Easter egg, too nice to open has been left untouched on the back of a refrigerator for 43 years.

John Gartlan of Kilcurry, Dundalk, Co Louth, received the egg as a gift when he was only five and over four Decades and four fridges later, it’s still « on ice. »

The Tech Director of Net 1 Broadband says the egg was exposed in one area and still looks chocolaty – but it wouldn’t stand a chance at this point to eat it.

Over four decades later, the Trebor egg ‘Kitty’s Cottage’ with toy kittens is still in the back of John’s refrigerator in his apartment with no plans to move it anytime soon.

« My mother’s first cousin, Gertie Carragher of Tullydonnell, C o. Armagh, gave it to me when I was five years old. At that time, Easter eggs were much simpler than they are now and not much to see, « he said.

 » But that was different. It came in a greenish yellow box with a little toy kitten next to it. I remember it looked so nice that I didn’t want to eat it and it was put in the fridge.

« The next year we didn’t think it was safe to eat, so it stayed in the fridge. »

Over four decades later, Gertie’s and John’s parents sadly passed away, but the egg is still in the fridge in the same house where he still lives.

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John says that even though he’s not « sentimental » the egg stays in the fridge and his family knows they can’t touch it.

« We’ve probably gone through four different refrigerators, but the egg is still there – in the corner of the top shelf, « he said.

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« The egg is still wrapped in foil, but it’s a little exposed and it doesn’t look moldy – but I still wouldn’t try it.

 » I had in the back of my mind that it was the oldest but there are reports of much older Easter eggs on the internet. « 

While Kitty’s Cottage will stay in the back of the fridge for another year, John will get a new one on Easter Sunday.




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