World news – El Salvador’s best surfer dies at the age of 22 after being struck by lightning


Katherine Diaz, El Salvador’s top surfer and Olympic hope, has died after being struck by lightning while training on the beach.

22-year-old Diaz was training not far from her home in on Friday El Tunco, El Salvador, was removed when a series of thunderstorms hit the area. She was beaten while she was still in the water and onlookers reportedly tried to help her until the paramedics arrived. According to the Olympic Channel, Diaz could not be resuscitated and died on the beach.

About the Olympic Channel, the Spanish newspaper AS reported that, according to the Salvadoran Surf Association, « the sky was clear and it was an unforeseen storm that was also not very electric It seemed to carry intensity « .

Diaz, who was also a cook who had opened her own restaurant in El Tunco, was training for an upcoming tournament in El Salvador, which will serve as Olympic qualification. The Salvadoran Surf Federation shared the news of her death in a social media post.

« A great athlete who represented our country has left us, » the post reads. « See you soon, great warrior. El Salvador is in mourning. »

The International Surfing Association also shared a social media post about Diaz offering condolences to her family.

Having made a deal over the After the pandemic had failed, Craig Gordnier decided to turn a school bus into a home to roam the world.

Kathy Ann Weldon, 63, of Salem, Missouri, died on January 24, 2021 after suffering from COVID-19 was sick. She is among the more than 500,000 Americans who have lost their lives to the disease since the coronavirus pandemic broke out early last year.

Her 28-year-old husband Randy Weldon told Yahoo News that his wife was a loving mother, grandmother and the love of his life.

The victim’s mother had left the girl with relatives so the woman could attend a vigil for four family members who were killed in a car accident.

According to TMZ, Kenya Duke and Gary Owen, who have been married since 2003 and share two adult children, split for unknown reasons. Owen, who started BET’s Comic View in 1997, is best known for his stand-up and supporting roles in films like Daddy Day Care, Think Like a Man, and Ride Along, TMZ noted. When Owen talked about being the first white man Duke ever dated, he laughed and said, « This is a greater honor for me than a show at BET! » He said: « The fact that my game was so strong that I was able to pull this beautiful black queen. »

Iran has against Fort McNair, an army post in the US capital, and against the deputy chief of staff of the army threatened, said two senior US intelligence officials. Intelligence also revealed threats to kill General Joseph M. Martin and plans to infiltrate and monitor the facility, according to officials, who were not empowered to publicly discuss national security issues and spoke on condition of anonymity. Trisha Paul said her normally outgoing son became « really reluctant » after interacting with the headmaster.

The « Fixer Upper » star speaks out amid attacks on the Asian community – and the translation of her book in her mother’s mother tongue.

Miami Beach declared a state of emergency due to the influx of spring breakers that flooded the city.

The unidentified 25-year-old lost grip on his 2-year-old daughter when he tried to climb out of the enclosure, but both escaped unharmed.

Despite calls to speed up the US vaccination campaign against COVID-19 and bring the country back to normal, the suggest The first three months of the rollout suggest that faster is not necessarily better. A surprising new analysis found that states like South Carolina and Florida, which rushed ahead of others to offer the vaccine to ever larger groups of people, vaccinated smaller proportions of their populations than those who moved more slowly and methodically, like Hawaii and Connecticut.

Bill and Esther Ilnisky spent nearly seven decades as Christian ministers and missionaries in the Caribbean and the Middle East before preaching in Florida for 40 years. « It’s so precious, so wonderful, so heartwarming to know that they belong together, » said Milewski, adding: « I miss her. » Bill Ilnisky grew up in Detroit and decided to dedicate his life to God when he was 16, Milewski said.

Loyola-Chicago knocked out the top seed Illinois as the No. 8 seed. Some metrics suggested the hikers should have been a # 3 seed.

As the third round of stimulus checks hit taxpayers’ bank accounts this week, many are wondering if there will be a fourth round of stimulus checks Payments will give. See: If You Get A Stimulus Check … Oregon made the second round of the NCAA tournament on Saturday after coronavirus issues under the VCU program ruled the game was not a competition.


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