World news – Elizabeth Warren on Massachusetts vaccine launch: « People really feel frustrated »


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Test Locations Senator Elizabeth Warren is unsatisfied with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine in Massachusetts and expects she will hardly be alone.

« People across Massachusetts are very frustrated, » Warren said on Wednesday afternoon in an interview with WBUR. “I mean, this was just a very slow rollout and a rollout that’s just causing a lot of trouble.”

The senior US state senator was one of 10 members of the congressional delegation who recently wrote a letter to Baker signed, criticizing the government vaccination registration process as « incoherent and cumbersome » and asking the administration to put in place a pre-registration system and a more centralized website for appointments.

« One of the things you can do is you Get one central place where anyone can log in to get all the information and make an appointment, « Warren told WBUR. “Why not make it easier for people, and then people will know. “OK, my appointment is next Tuesday. I can go for a week from Thursday or mine and I can go. « 

While officials recently improved the state’s vaccine appointments website, Warren claimed the multi-step process of continuing to redirect users to third-party websites » only increases everyone’s concern about it « .

Warren’s comments came after the Baker administration announced on Wednesday that the state would allow residents over 65 and people with multiple conditions at increased risk for COVID-19 to start booking vaccination appointments on Thursday. However, officials warned that it could take up to a month for all members of the newly eligible group to get appointments as demand exceeds supply.

In response to the delegation’s letter, Baker said on Wednesday that he I would like the state’s members of Congress to focus instead on pushing President Joe Biden’s administration to gain more insight into the Gr Receive large future vaccine shipments, which would help the governor plan the distribution of the doses and open more appointments. He has also cited technical challenges where dozens of different third-party websites have been integrated into a centralized website or pre-registration system.

« I really want the delegation to push the administration to give states a bigger window for booking Giving appointments because that would solve the complexities of making appointments for many people, « Baker said on Wednesday.

Baker has also defended the initial slowness of the rollout in Massachusetts, which he attributed to the deliberate decision – as opposed to the Most other states – prioritize treatment programs to hard-to-reach, vulnerable populations in phase 1 such as homeless shelters, prison inmates and apartment buildings, in addition to health workers, first responders and nursing homes. According to the governor, the approach meant Massachusetts would be “slowly out the window” as it took longer to distribute vaccine doses to thousands of different locations.

“I can meet many people from the mental health, developmental and homeless communities here « said Baker in the State House auditorium on Wednesday, » and we could put them from one end of this room to the other. And they would tell you why they were both surprised and relieved and grateful that a state put these people at the top of the line. It hardly happened anywhere else. « 

During her WBUR interview, Warren acknowledged » that there are a lot of tough decisions to make when vaccines are limited, « and commended Baker for trying to » ensure that these vaccines are fairly distributed and.  » Get into hard-to-reach communities. ”However, she wondered why the state couldn’t distribute its allocation faster.

 » It’s possible to do both, « said Warren, suggesting the state should have opened more vaccination centers with the doses « going out the door as fast as people can line up for them ».

« I can’t overstate the urgency of these fast-spreading vaccines to get people vaccinated « Warren said, expressing concern about the spread of new, more contagious COVID-19 variants.

 » Every single day some people don’t use the vaccines that are stored here in Massachusetts is e in day when someone gets sick and someone can harbor the next version of the mutation of this virus that is causing a whole lot more people to get sick, ”she said. « We need to move these vaccines faster. »

Baker noted on Wednesday that Massachusetts ranks ninth in the country for first vaccinations per capita as the state shifts resources towards mass vaccination centers.

« Well, finally let’s move up, « said Warren. « I also remember when we were 47 of 50 and West Virginia was number one. »

West Virginia was also the first state to pre-register vaccines through Massachusetts-based Everbridge / p>
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