World news – Elon Musk wants to build a new city called « Starbase » at SpaceX’s Texas site


CEO Elon Musk said he wanted to create a new town called « Starbase » around the launch site of the missile construction company in southeast Texas.

In a series of Twitter posts about his plans, the billionaire tech tycoon said that City would include « an area much larger than Boca Chica, » the unincorporated coastal town where SpaceX built its massive missile facility.

Officials in Cameron County, Texas, which includes Boca Chica, confirmed that SpaceX had reached out to her in the past few days to incorporate Starbase as a city.

But the California-based company would have to follow a number of bureaucratic steps to put the plans into action, officials said.

« If SpaceX and Elon Musk are to go down this path, they must comply with all state constitutional laws, » Cameron County’s judge Eddie Treviño, the county’s senior official, said in a statement Tuesday. « Cameron County will process all pertinent petitions in accordance with applicable law. »

In order to create a new city, SpaceX would have to get residents to sign a petition, which they would then submit to the district judge, who would then have an election would rule whether the community should be incorporated under the Texas Municipal League. If the election is successful, the city would have the power to create its own laws and other ordinances.

SpaceX has already taken over most of Boca Chica, a small community on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and about two miles north of the Rio Grande.

The company laid the foundation stone for its launch facility in 2014 and began testing missiles there in 2019. As work on the project continued, SpaceX gradually bought out most of Boca Chica’s three dozen homes, although some homeowners reportedly refused to sell them late last year.

Musk’s desire to start his own town , is the latest sign of taking root in Texas. He moved from California to the Lone Star State last year and his electric car maker Tesla is planning to build a factory in Austin.

SpaceX is also planning to break a new facility in Austin to help grow its Starlink satellite internet service support, as the company announced in a job advertisement.

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